One of the first Android phones available in the US may see an upgrade, unofficially of course, to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The HTC Hero has always had a great community of developers that stick around to make sure the device isn’t just up to date, but has the latest and greatest despite its crucial hardware limitations. I personally had the HTC Hero for quite a while thanks to an amazing port of CyanogenMod; HTC Sense just wasn’t cutting it with such a slow processor and limited RAM.

I’ve still got the thing in storage, so I may have to whip it out and follow the development thread XDA developer jaybob413 started on November 14th. They seem to be coming along rather smoothly on the port, with one user even reporting working radios; which is of course important if you plan on using the ROM daily. It definitely boots, and touchscreen function is a go. Audio, Google Apps, WiFi, and the Camera are all still under construction.

Even better, it seems both the GSM and CDMA communities of the Hero within XDA are collaborating towards making this a reality. Expect me to show off a quick clip of ICS on it as soon as it’s available to test! It will certainly feel weird rolling back to the rather small screen, but getting a taste of Android 4.0 will be well worth it.

[via XDA Developers]

  • Enoel69

    If the Hero can play nice w/ ICS certainly the N1 is plenty capable of runnnig ICS as well

    • Sam Koutroulakis

      I couldn’t agree more

  • OptimusNext

    Nice but useless to me….My touch screen on HTC Hero has gone wacko….(lost calibration), buttons tap themselves, things dancing around the screen shaking….you know how it is when the screen loses calibration and so far I have found no way to calibrate it. I tried some after market calibration tools but nothing….

  • Anonymous

    Still have my Hero, but expecting my Galaxy Nexus to be delivered today, finally! Saw videos of the port, it’s so unusably slow.. at some point you’ve just got to let her go!

    • Sam Koutroulakis

      Congrats! You are going to LOVE the upgrade

      • Anonymous

        I am yeh! Thanks 🙂

  • Androidfamily

    The per-app data control makes me very happy. With a 30MB limit, I can’t
    really use data on my phone because it gobbles MB in minutes. 30MB is
    enough for checking e-mail, the occasional web page and even some GPS
    use, which was how I used it on my Windows Mobile phone, but with
    Android I tried data once and left it. This feature would be a good
    reason to try Cyanogen when it comes out.

  • chrimel

    What about the Hero S?  I haven’t seen anything about that yet.  Released Oct/Nov of 2011, so it *should* get it, according to the whole 16-month upgrade policy, correct?