Samsung Mobile Canada has now officially announced their plans for Android 2.2 on Canadian Galaxy S Devices on their Facebook page. These devices include the Vibrant, Captivate and Fascinate and we will see an update in December with the Fascinate update coming in 2011.

Currently working to provide a tested and secure upgrade experience in Canada, the team is hard at working getting the updates out to customers.

The releases will happen as follows:

  • Samsung Vibrant from Bell – Update in mid-December
  • Samsung Captivate from Rogers – Update in mid-December
  • Samsung Fascinate from TELLUS – Update in early 2011

Although we would have liked to see the update sooner, at least users of Galaxy S devices in Canada will get their hands on Froyo before Gingerbread becomes the most used operating system.

[Via Samsung Mobile Canada]

  • Taylor

    This month? It’s currently November.

  • Mikey

    So… how about the US?! I’m still waiting on 2.2 for Captivate… first it was September, then October, then November… now Canada is getting it in December, but still no word for the US Galaxy S’s. Absolutely ridiculous… what the heck AT&T?! Get your act together already!

  • A Prick

    Implying AT&T is somehow responsible for when Samsung rolls out a multi-carrier update.

  • AdamG

    Samsung has absolutely crapped the bed with the Galaxy. It is a joke and an insult to bring 2.2 to the Galaxy some 3 months after it came out from Google. Meanwhile, the phone has dozens of major bugs and flaws.