It’s well known that Samsung USA hasn’t been exactly highly focused on bringing Android 2.2 to it’s range of Galaxy S devices. Users in the US have been waiting for many months, even through other countries receiving the update. Good news, though, Samsung has just tweeted that the Android 2.2 update will be coming “as soon as possible.”

The reason for the delay was said to be due to complexity and unique functionality and Samsung wants its users to have a simple and reliable upgrade. Although Android 2.2 is no longer the “Golden Standard” when it comes to the Android operating system, users will still be thankful for the update that they have been waiting far too long for.

Let’s just hope that “as soon as possible” ends up being within a few weeks.

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  • Raptor007

    Ummm, yeah, right. I don’t buy it. Samsung is the slowest to update any phone, way, way back to the I700 PocketPC 2000 phone and the upgrade to PPC2002 it took them nearly 14 months to get it out the door. That ladies and gentleman was 10 years ago, and it was my last Samsung phone.

    I won’t buy into a company who won’t support their customers.

  • Josh

    I’m really pissed that I can’t update my phone, without having to brick it. It pisses me off, that I spend near $300 to buy a damnn phone, that the company won’t support me with the up to date, current software. Next time, I’ll hit up Motorola or another company. Take care Samsung. You won’t see me back until the customer support increases.

  • Rags711

    @josh, moto not much different! Moto only their high end devices, Htc prob, the best of the bunch.

  • Juan

    I love my Galaxy S Vibrant. But im sorry this froyo update is crazy SLOW! Gingerbread is already in the nexus S and HTC will probaly get it next. This is def my last Samsung Phone. I came from Motorola and they took forever to get froyo on the Cliq because of stupid motoblur. Next stop for me HTC.!!

  • John

    This is my first and last Samsung device. The update delay is simply unacceptable. Someone needs to explain to me how why are they going to roll out 2.2 when Gingerbread is the new standard. Think about it, once we get 2.2 we still will not have the latest OS. See ya Samsung.

  • just because the update isn’t available yet, doesn’t mean they haven’t been focused on it. without a visit to samsung’s offices, i think it’s a little unfair to make that claim.

    obviously, the upgrade to 2.2 has not been smooth for most manufacturers.. even the ones that released it quickly. Plus each of the carriers of course want to put some customizations into it.

    Just relax people. Your phone still works just as well as it did the day you bought it. The update will come when it comes.. rather that over getting it fast and then having to deal with tons of problems because it was rushed.

  • Matt from Vegas

    I’m honestly upset about this as well. The biggest problem is the 2.1a update they pushed out in October. It turned my phone from a fast Android device, to a slow snail which when using Swype, it locks up so much that I had to turn it off. I wish I could go back to the original OS that came with it. They better get 2.2 out soon. They told us in November it was coming out really soon and yet we’re still waiting.

  • Jason

    My last samsung phone,, bye bye epic 4G. I i’ll go to HTC.

  • Ken

    While I have enjoyed my Galaxy S, I have to admit the wait for 2.2 has been a major negative and will play a considerable part in my decision of choosing a Samsung product as my next phone in the future.

  • Frigadroid

    Guess what samsung im buying a new tv soon and thanks to my experience with the vibrant I wouldn’t touch another samsdung product.
    I’m a bit miffed by the whole android experience anyhow. When I had the g1 we kept hearing rumors about getting flash so I was let down there too. All I want is to have the same ability to stream ball games like I could over 3 years ago on my dash. Just because its possible to root and flash doesn’t mean I should have to. I might go back to windows when they get the silverlite functional or just a dumb phone and use a laptop for the web. If I do get another android in the future it will be vanilla htc.

  • Mike

    Verizon has been selling their newest phone as a 2.2 device, leaving the Galaxy and older models on 2.1 or less in a marketing ploy over Christmas. Not only did they use it for new customer sales but also many Galaxy S users were told they could get Android 2.2 if they updated their phones.

    IMHO its all Verizon, not Samsung at all.

  • Ordinary_boy

    I don’t know what Samsung are playing at or for that matter the carriers, particularly the ones in the US who work with Samsung when it comes to these updates. But here’s the thing…
    In the UK we finally received froyo 2.2 in September. At the time we felt like we had waited forever for it. Then on Dec 24th, we received a further update 2.2.1
    This newest update has sorted the lag issue out such that the device runs amazingly fast now without the need for a lag fix.
    I should point out however that these updates, although official through Kies, are for vanilla un-branded phones. Carrier branded devices in the UK received the updates much later. Indeed users of one of the UK network are still waiting for the update.
    I think its best to spend a bit of time on XDA forums reading up on de-branding and flashing your phone yourself.

  • Manuel

    All I Know is im going to buy the best phone out. So Samsung update quick if u want to be on top and make ur money….

  • Michael

    There are new phones coming out with 2.3 and I’m stuck with this promise of an update since September 2010. WTF. I certainly wish I hadn’t renewed my contract with Verizon. If I hadn’t, I’d have an iPhone4 in my pocket instead of this GalaxyS Fascinate. The only facination is how long they’ve been stringing us all along.

  • Joel

    My first Samsung phone (Galaxy S) and will be my last. The last update has made my phone very slow, my phone frequently locks up and has to be restarted and many of my applications force close. Will be looking to HTC as my next phone of choice, since they seem to have their head on straight and not up their butts.

    • Teri Terry56

      I just updated my fascinate 2 days ago, now it runs slow, locks up, and battery goes down very very fast!! Whats up with that???

    • Teri Terry56

      I just updated my fascinate 2 days ago, now it runs slow, locks up, and battery goes down very very fast!! Whats up with that???

  • Christian Storm

    I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in December for myself and my wife, we bought an iphobe 4 for our son. He has had no issues and with our phones, the phone locks up and you have to do a manual restart and to make matters worse, I asked before buying about the update, because I did not want to buy a phone that cannot be current. I was told that Samsung will have updates on a regular basis. Clearly as you all know, that is BS. I will never buy another Samsung product ever again and did not realize that Samsung is natorious for abandoning customers and the updates. SAMSUNG should be ashamed and realize this will be the beginning of the downfall of SAMSUNG and it is all because they are greedy. They come out with phones daily it seems and are only concerned with the new phones, yet millions of customers are waiting for updates on new phones that are becoming obsolete at an ever growing rate. Atleast the iphone supports its customers and updates. You do not have to worry about an iphone 5 any time soon. But by the time I finish writing this, SAMSUNG will have released 5 new phones that will not be updated any time soon. They are building one thing correctly…angry customers who will never buy SAMSUNG AGAIN!!! I was told buy a SAMSUNG rep that the release date will never come because the software that was used on the 2.1 cannot support 2.2 and that they are hoping that we just forget about the update. Thanx SAMSUNG FOR TRICKING US INTO BUYING YOUR LIES. CLEARLY THEY CARE VERY LITTLE ABOUT LOYALTY AND REPEAT CUSTOMERS.

  • sapper3ern

    All of you stupid cry babies. You wanna talk about waiting? Sit your butt on a tarmac in Iraq waiting on a flight out after a 15 month tour. Oh yea. No cell phones except for te ones that the locals use. Shut up.

    • Placid_Storm

      If you don’t want to be there why did you join in the first place? I for one have a lot of respect for the men and women of the military, it takes a lot of strength, determination, and courage. I don’t understand why you would join then complain about it. We are tired of waiting for the update. I probably won’t buy another Samsung as long as I live just because they took this long. 3.1 is underway already and we are two versions behind. Why should we put up with this crap?

  • Samsung needs to get their acts in order. Peter, Founder

  • Pistachiobox

     I learned this from someone a long time ago. you can only Choose 2 of the following 3 options. Cheap, Fast or Good.

    can be cheap and good…. but it will take forever to build
    can be fast and good…. but it will break the bank
    can be cheap and fast…. but it will be bad quality