And then all Android devices were waterproof

January 16, 2012

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I bet you didn't see this coming. Sure, on the CES floor we saw plenty of ways companies such as HzO waterproof devices - but when would we see these treatments be incorporated into our devices prior to purchase? Apparently, Samsung's future line of phones will see the new tech implemented by summer of 2012. A hydrophobic treatment is not only applied on the exterior casing, but also inside over the speaker and other internals.

But will Samsung be fast enough to scoop up patents or will Apple come in and decide the technology is now theirs for the taking? Either way, we're going to see some phones - Android or iOS - manufactured with it soon. I actually had some hands-on time with a treated iPhone and paper towel during CES. It worked extremely well, and it was obvious it was ready for prime-time.

Apparently, your phone won't be 'completely' waterproof, and still have some limitations. First, it shouldn't be left below water for over an hour. And second, it shouldn't be left more than a meter deep underwater. All in all, accidentally getting your phone wet around the house shouldn't adversely effect future electronic devices. Something extremely cool to look forward to.

[via LA Times]

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  • Anonymous

    But will Samsung be fast enough to scoop up patents or will Apple come in and decide the technology is now theirs for the taking?”

    Ok that was funny 🙂

  • Arun Muralidhar

    i once accidently dropped my htc desire hd in a bucket of water. for a second i was arrested by the shock and i just stared at my phone as it slowly settled at the bottom with the display on. it was an amusing scene to watch a lcd screen underwater (atleast its a first for me). well i picked it up the next moment and did the customary battery removal and kept it to dry for a day. and the phone was perfectly ok and i still use the same phone. My bro one uped this by accidently dropping his iphone on the road and before picking it up, a small car run over it. to our suprise, the fone was working and only replacement we did was the front glass. 

     fones of yesteryears used to catch cold the moment u see rain clouds, hve dead displays within an hour of being in a tight jeans pocket and a drop from table top meant end of the game. Those days, in India, we used to have the entire fone laminated for rainy season as even a drop water or wet clothes was enuf to kill those fones. 

    todays fones while being more complicated and much larger, easily copes through such everyday accidents and has made us care less about such issues. today no one really laminates a fone or use scratch guards over displays.

    pre iphone era, you drop your fone, it feels like having a heart attack and you start thinking about money buy a new one even before bending down to pick up your fone. you are dead sure a drop means the end
    post iphone era, you drop your fone, it feels just like dropping your pencil and you pick it up and resume whatever you were upto. you are dead sure a drop means nothing. i think it all started with ipod design. 

    while we eagerly look towards the nxt gen os and hardware, write or read hundreds of reviews and previews about the nxt frontier in hardware and software, we hv somehow missed noticing and reporting advances in structural engineering that goes into today’s much versatile devices.

    • did you never own a old school nokia? they were solid little devices… far more happy to be knocked around and drop from even couple stores up, thrown at walls etc.. you simply walked over, picked up the 3-4 pieces. cliped them back together and they still worked fine! 

      • Aron

        Actually yes , Dey were good at surviving drops but a little rain was a problem for them too

  • Bboysup

    Or will apple patent the tech as their? XD