Amazon has just unleashed two new Android tablets to add to its Kindle Fire HD line, so it’s kind of expected that all eyes would be on the new Kindle Fire HDX devices. But if the high specs and relatively higher prices aren’t your kind of thing, then maybe Amazon’s second take on the Kindle Fire HD might make you feel less left out.

The Kindle Fire HD, itself an evolution of the original Kindle Fire, is already a year old. Everyone has been expecting Amazon to bring out new tablets, which it did today, but it seems that the retailer giant has other plans for the old 7-inch device. Instead of completely replacing it with the new Kindle Fire HDX 7, Amazon has decided to instead repackage the original Kindle Fire HD with a new look, both inside and outside.

In short, the new Kindle Fire HD sports the same 7-inch 1280×800 screen, with a slightly boosted 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. The good news is that it will also sport a new fancy look that brings the tablet forward to this year’s designs. It is also getting an upgraded operating system, the Android-based Fire OS 3.0. Amazon has used the codename “Mojito” for this release, a nod to Google’s practice of naming Android releases after desserts, but opting to go with drinks instead. The tablet will also be getting the new Origami covers that will be available for the Kindle Fire HDX 7 and 8.9 tablets. In case you’re curious about the new tablets, you can hit the links at the end of this piece for our take on this new line of devices.


The good news doesn’t stop there, however. Unlike its newer siblings. the new Kindle Fire HD will be coming with an affordable price tag of $139, which is not really that surprising considering it’s sporting last year’s hardware anyway. But if this fresh-looking budget tablet is indeed your thing, the wait won’t be long as pre-orders are expected to go up soon, or at least some time before the expected October 2 shipping date.

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  • chadRlowe

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