The Amazon Appstore for Android has been around for quite some time and recently had its second birthday, but in the UK today they’re celebrating it’s first year. As a celebration we’re seeing 10 of the most popular or greatest hits from their Free App of the Day deal all set for free at once. It’s an impressive sale, and they have some awesome apps you’ll want to get while you can.

In case you didn’t know, Amazon gives away one app for free daily. Usually they aren’t the greatest, but they do have a few hidden treasures. Today is Cut The Rope, which is a classic game we’d recommend to anyone. However, along with that are 10 others that are all extremely popular. I have 9 of the 10 already, but most likely many of you will bank on this.

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards for Android, and recently launched their Cloud service. It’s free from Amazon today, so now is your chance. Then the just redesigned Shazam app is also available today from Amazon. SwiftKey is usually $3.99, World of Goo and Pac-Man are both $2.99 yet also set free today, and more.

Then the $7.00 Jamie’s 20 minute meals app, which is actually really popular and something I’ve used for months, is also making the list over at Amazon. If you want an easy way to find quick meals, we’d suggest you snag that while Amazon has it up in this greatest hits deal. Paper Camera, Sprinkle, and a few others all made the cut. This isn’t anything major, but certainly an awesome way to get 10 awesome apps all completely free. Hit the link below.

VIA: Amazon SOURCE: Twitter

  • iandouglas

    I used to download tons of these free apps until I found out that the developers don’t get a single penny for it. Sure, they get exposure, but think about it: these are already the top 10 paid apps, the devs hardly need the exposure.

    Amazon makes a ton of money, there’s no reason that they can’t pay the developers a fraction of the cost of the app per installation.

    Unfortunately, when I stopped using the Amazon app store, I also lost the license to all of the paid apps I got for free … but I was more than happy to pony up over $25 for the apps I really wanted to keep on my phone by buying them on the Google Play store.

    • Yes, if you uninstall the AppStore the apps stop working. It sucks, we know.

    • woofa

      Google doesn’t make a ton of money? You think they promo these without the devs consent AND don’t pay them?

  • I might try the Jamie Oliver app for free. I’m not playing that Pac-Man game. Not that I don’t like Pac-Man, but because it’s so addictive I may not stop.

  • soumik

    i like instafusion Image Blender app available on amazon store.