The Agenda Calendar app has made the move into the Google Play Store. The app, for those unfamiliar with the name, has been a favorite for iOS users for some time now. Yup, another story about an iOS app making the transition to Android. But the burn of Android users having to wait aside, the Agenda Calendar app does seem like a nice alternative to the standard Google Calendar app.

The basics of the Agenda Calendar app is this — simplicity and ease of use. In fact, according to the Play Store description, the “main focus is to show you what’s happening now.” Overall the app has a rather minimal appearance, but it does give a several view options. Some of the views include an at-a-glance layout as well as the ability to view by events, day, week, month and year.


Additionally, the Agenda Calendar app touts fast event creation with the ability to repeat events, a ‘Jump to Day’ picker, swipes and gestures to move between views and tapeable email addresses, URLs and addresses. The Agenda Calendar also syncs using the regular calendar settings for your device, which really just means that moving should be rather simple.


The app has been released as version 1.0, is selling for $1.99 and currently available for devices running Android 4.0 or later. Finally, while there is no specific mention of tablet and/or smartphone device support, we can say that the Agenda Calendar app looks equally nice on a Galaxy S III and a Nexus 7.

[via Agenda Calendar]

  • fredphoesh

    Looks nice, but aCalendar is the best looking and most functional calendar I have used outside of Samsung’s S-Planner.

  • HarryGunderson

    Another user pointed me towards Pimlical and I’m glad they did. This is not another “pretty” calendar app for novices. This is a professional calendar app for experienced users who need a really powerful calendar with top level support from the developer who wrote the app. I was a bit reluctant to buy it for $10 upfront, but when I heard this was the guy who wrote the calendar app for Handspring and the Palm Treos,I figured it had to be more than Ok… And it IS. Highly recommended!