Notion Ink is throwing open the order books for the second round of Adam tablet orders, though you’ll still have to be pre-registered if you want to get in first. According to CEO Rohan Shravan, a “huge” number of order invite emails are already making their way to would-be customers.

Shravan also confirms that Adam will skip straight over Gingerbread and instead “will be directly migrating to Honeycomb in future,” though no timescale for that update is given. As for the missing Android Market, “Adam does not have market access because it is not a phone” he suggests, and “Android Market is an app store for phone apps.”

[via SlashGear]

  • neil

    please if anyone is not using their email, could u email me the link at

  • Trinity

    What Rohan does not say is that if your Adam does not work his company only cares about collecting your money not giveing you your money’s worth.

  • Shekar Rajamani

    Let me get my hands on them asap. I want to check the cutee gadget asap.Shekar R