Did you know that the Droid 2 has an built in FM Radio like the Droid X? Well it was news to us when we stumbled across the XDA Developers forums as well. It appears that forum user slayher has found a way to unlock the use of the FM Radio by porting the Droid X Radio App to the Droid 2. Now although this requires root, for now, the official update may be coming soon.

Instructions to Activate FM Radio on Droid 2:

Download: FMRadio_droid2.zip

  • Droid2 must be rooted. Remount the /system to RW
  • Unzip the archive, and use abd push to put the files in the appropriate folders cd system.
    • adb push app/FMRadio.apk /system/app
    • adb push app/FMRadioService.apk /system/app
    • adb push bin/fmradioserver /system/bin
    • adb push lib/libFMRadio.so /system/lib
    • adb push lib/libfmradio_jni.so /system/lib
    • adb push lib/libfmradioplayer.so /system/lib
  • Remount /system
  • Plug in headphones
  • Run FMradio

This just goes to show how active and investigative the Android community is, slayher goes on to report that he found most of the files on the Droid 2 and a few on the X, Put them together and we can add a new hardware and software features to our post-shipped phones!

[Via XDAForums]