Users of the Acer Liquid E are finally able to get their hands on Android 2.2 with the official software update available now. The phone, which launched equipped with 2.1 on Rogers and Fido in Canada, can now be updated to 2.2 from Acer Canada’s website.

Because the update is only available from Acer’s website, there is no OTA option. So users who would like the update need to navigate to Acer Canada and grab the firmware from the Update Center.

With your download you will be receiving very detailed installation instructions that will take you step-by-step through the process. As always, it’s advised that you have all your data and content backed up before performing a major OS upgrade.

[Via UnwiredView]

  • Name

    I bought an unlocked Liquid E already with the Rogers Froyo update. It has been working very well particularly with full Flash support on the web browser. One big problem though is that the webpage loads and scrolls very slow when the Flash content of the page is high (eg. Flash video page with lots of Flash ads). Another problem with Flash is that if you want to move the slider to advance the movie, you have to pause the movie, pinch-enlarge the slider bar so that you can slide it. You cannot slide it too many times otherwise the device freezes – I think this is because the Liquid E only has 256MB RAM (I use the Dolphin HD browser with cache in the SD, and it still freezes).

  • Name

    One more thing – I tried two VOIP phone apps (linphone and 3CXphone), both give problems with audio messing up. I have been using these apps in my HTC Legend Eclair without any problem at all. I suspect it may be a hardware problem not a software (FroYo OS) one.

  • Thank you so very much for this information! I’ve been waiting for 2.2 for quite some time and look forward to the much talked about increase in performance.

  • And I am not certain what the first poster is talking about, according to the Device Information in About Phone, my Roger’s Liquid E states it has 512.

  • Matthew

    This update is no longer available on the Acer Canada site. Does anyone know where to find it currently?

    • Thundercat

      I’ve been looking also, and Acer support asking them is useless.

      • Adamxyle

         i have acer liquidE  2.1 …want to upgrade to 2.2 but i dont know if this is ROGER or FIDO..can somebody tell me how will i know, im here in saudi and bought an acer is 1.100.92_EMEA_CUS4…somebody pls help me thanks a lot…

  • Thundercat

    It’s back on there but bricked my phone

  • Rafwrner

    y phone is still runing on 1.6 and i dont find updats

  • Marsber1087

    acer liqiud e 2.1 cant update the system.