We have just received word that the Acer Iconia Tab A500 is now getting the update to Android 3.1 Honeycomb. It should be rolling out to devices in the U.S. starting today so I’d be hitting that update button if I owned one. Back in June we heard it was coming soon and 3.1 has been available via custom roms for awhile now.

We all know plenty about Android 3.1 Honeycomb and the features the update will bring. Stuff like re-sizable widgets, and scrollable multi-tasking menu as well as tons of performance enhancements just to name a few. Go ahead and hit settings>about>check for updates and hope your time has come.

I have great news for those reading that don’t actually have the Acer Iconia Tab, we are giving away one for FREEEEE. If you happened to somehow miss our Tabletpalooza Giveaway we just started then you should click here immediately. We will be giving a few Honeycomb tablets away in the coming weeks so stay tuned to our giveaway.

If you get the update on your Acer Iconia A500 feel free to leave some comments below or share any new features with us by clicking the tip us at the top of your screen.

[via Android Police]

  • So when I win my Acer Iconia tab from Android Community, will it have 3.1 on it already? 🙂

    • Nope, it is all boxed up but you can update it once you open her up

  • Peter Yee

    Downloading it now

  • It downloaded and completed but my version still says 3.0

  • Rob

    3.1 here in the UK. Did 3.0.1 a couple of weeks ago. So maybe those seeing 3.0.1 should check again after installing that.

    Resizable widgets is great, but would be great to see user create-able app folders!

  • Glt0507

    I can’t get the update on my tablet. It still says tablet is up to date and it is running 3.0.1. Others who have the Acer A500 have received their update. Is there anything I can do to get it? I am in the US and we were supposed to have received it by now.

    • gadgetgirl

      Same here…still showing that it’s running 3.0.1 and when hit ‘System Update’ says that ”Your device is up to date’

  • Calvin61887

    I have download the leaked version 3.1 on late June (take the risk)manually update mine with out any problem it is the 100% official update.zip still got the file

  • Mannyjoe24

    help still haven’t got 3.1 update

  • Mannyjoe24

    help still haven’t got 3.1 update

  • guest

    Be careful with the update. Mine was installed yesterday, and it shut down the wireless on the device (I can see my various connections available, but when I try to connect it says “no connection available”).  From what I’ve found so far, factory reset is the only option to solve it.

    • Thomas

      I had the same problem and no access to acer’s website commenting on the issue. don’t download unl;ess you fancy a factory reset and loosing all your settings and apps. Very disappointing.

    • Kaysquiltn

      I got the update today and it did the same to mine.

  • My Fun Things

    Uplate hangs at 100mbps of 356mbps. Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Jprinzen

      Can’t help,
      mine is doing the same thing. Hanging around 227

  • Jere Tuominen

    Not available in Finland yet :-/ Still using Android 3.0.1.

    • alex

      same in Switzerland/// 3.0.1 still

    • alex

      same in Switzerland/// 3.0.1 still

  • In Norway. No update yet 🙁

  • I got Acer Tablet A500 just updated 3.1 YAY!!! 😀 love it! Mansfield, PA

  • Katielynne4

    I’m in Australia and haven’t gotten the update yet. Does anyone know if there is any way of knowing when it might happen?

  • Catfunt

    Got 3.1 in the UK – no problems. Just wondering if it will have a 3G update.

  • Heartnyinc

    Im having hard time on how will i sync my Acer iconia tat A500? Help pls!