It looks like Acer is up next for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. After initially launching the new Iconia A200 tablet last month and promising a quick update to ICS, we can safely say it is finally rolling out today. It’s nice to see them sticking to their promise. Stating the update would come in February — and here it is. Available for download right now.

The update should be hitting tablets right this moment and as you can see from the screenshot below Acer has updated the slate from Honeycomb to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Version 4.0.4 that leaked last week was only for the Galaxy Nexus, making the A200 on the latest version officially from Google.

The update brings your tablet to build number Acer_AV041_A200_1.037.00_PA_CUS1 and should only take a few minutes to download and install. As usual the tablet should notify users of an update but you can manually check and get started now. Just go to settings > about tablet > system update and get it started right now. I’m sure many are wondering where this same update is for the older A500 that surely has more owners. Most likely it is coming soon as Acer also promised a timely update for that tablet too.

Give the update a try and sound off in the comment section should you have any problems, or find some special hidden tricks or features.

[device id=2236]

[via Android Police]

  • Jason Williams

    Does that mean the a500 shouldn’t be too far behind?

  • mgkim

    I am a user of a200. I’ve just checked it, it hasn’t been upgraded yet. is it automatically done or do i need to download from some where?

    • Miss_garbo

      i just bought mine, and the moment i turned it on and connected to the wifi, it downloaded an update… or is there another update that I haven’t gotten?

  • Anonymous

    I just got updated to version Acer_AV032_A200_1.041.00_PA_CUS1 and it is Android Version 3.2.1….was there a problem with the Acer_AV041_A200_1.037.00_PA_CUS1 version and they reverted?

  • no updated yet? 

  • Soqui_bairoa

    I just got the update on my A200 and it looks and works great!

  • Dskr Android

    got it and craigsbrowser app does not work, igoogle does not load, and wifi drops in and out… looks the same otherwise for the most part,some icons on bottom of screen have changed appearance, also comes with amazon apps and a few others… youtube videos have to open in youtube viewer… not in browser. 

    • Dskr Android

      acer iconia tab a200

  • Mikebq74

    Has anyone noticed glitches / flashes on the desktop? These only started after the update.

    • Kthonea

      Yes I sure did not really that bad just hope it dooesnt lead to anything else……….

    • Kthonea

      Yes I sure did not really that bad just hope it dooesnt lead to anything else……….

    • Redibandit

      Mine started the other day…. and I only had maybe 2 1/2 weeks

  • Jsoldo72

    My home screen flashes about every 30 seconds, the lower left hand corner.

  • Miss_garbo

    exchanged my Galaxy Tab for this. So far so good. only thing that I didn’t know there wasn’t a rear facing camera… no big deal but just so others know

    • Steve

      Thats sort of the whole idea behind the a200.

      Same specs as a500 but with no rear camera, thus cheaper 🙂

  • Jazluis84

    Just bought my Acer inconia a200 tablet. Its great. I love it. The battery life lasts long, its great for my writing documents, plays my music smoothly. Volumes a lil soft though but not a big problem. But I love it a lot.

  • Rafa

    Bought my tablet A200 February 2012. Upgraded automatically to 4.0.3 on 7 March 2012. Works well, cleaner lines, slightly different menus but easier to find items. Great.

    And this is in New Zealand!

  • Sam C

    Did the update on my A200, went well, but now when it goes into sleep mode, it sometimes doesn’t wake up without a reboot – annoying!

    • Wkuren

      Mine does the same. Also takes about 20 seconds to boot up after being shut down. Intermittently only gets to showing ‘ACER’ on the screen and has to be turned off then on again. Annoining


      • Mike00035

        Me too. Same thing

  • Iammgkim

    After updating andriod 4.01 I am not able watch some of videos on internet. What should I do?

  • Nmansfield

    Like a lot of others, Flash no longer works, so no vids, and my tablet is now referring to itself as a phone. Can’t find any fixes. Tried to d/l Adobe Flash update, but there wasn’t one. Tried reverting back to factory install, but it kept ICE. Very not happy now.

  • Silkdawn

    I purchased the A 200 about a month ago and it within a week it was updated to ICS 4.0.. The speaker sounds was not good, however I turned my A200 on today (4/3/2012 and thyere was an update availbe  and what do you know the speaker sound is very decent now..(pretty lound) anyone know what all was included in the update?..I cant find anything about the update on the web

  • Joyce_moore

    My Acer A200 tablet was updated about a week ago and now the GPS doesn’t seem to work. It shows my location as Charlotte and I’ve never been there! Does anyone else have this problem?

  • Jin

    i cant open my iconia tab a200.. idont know why

  • Jin

    Where can i repair my iconia tab A200 in the philippines.. my dad bought it last week in US and i cant open it anymore. i left it full charge before going to church and i dont know what happen.. need someones help

  • michael

    I can’t update my tablet it won’t let me it will download the update but it won’t install it, it tells me there was an error. Can anyone help me?

    • Psycho_Reject

      Same for me it does it half way thru but mine is also rooted does that effect it as well

  • jhey-o

    I like to change the system of my Acer a200 from ice cream sandwich to jelly bean . I wish Acer a200 can be updated to jelly bean . 🙁

  • Ray

    my Acer 200 does not let my wife check all of her bank statements. She can on this computer after I changed it from ie11 to ie 10.
    Do I have to do the same with her pad, if so HOW.
    Thanks Ray