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Editorial Team

Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson can be described as a longtime mobile enthusiast. Using a Newton Messagepad and cycling through Palm PDAs as if they were status symbols, he eventually found the smartphone space with the Palm Treo 650. That lead to trying countless mobile platforms, and while happy to see multiple options still available, it can be said that Android has become his home. More general though, Robert is just an all around geek. He is basically "that guy" who is always ready and willing to talk tech with anyone that will listen. Fortunately for the readers here, most of his friends and family are all tech talked out. Aside from writing about Android, Robert is a husband, father, and distance runner.

Nate Swanner

Senior Editor
Though technically OS agnostic, Nate’s heart and focus will always be with Android. A fan of Google’s Nexus devices, he’s also keenly aware of all things Chrome and Chrome OS, and was among the first to get a Chromebook Pixel when it was launched. Nate has lived and travelled much of the world, and now comfortably resides in the Pacific Northwest.

JC Torres

An open source contributor and holds doubly lethal degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science. When not working, he spends his time lurking and helping out in KDE Project.

Liaw Kim Poh

A graduate of National University of Singapore, Kim Poh runs in the tunnel of news overload to assist the editorial team on finding scoops. He resides in a beautiful country of Singapore.