ZTE intros new phones, calls them Nubia Z9 Mini and Z9 Max

Yet another Chinese phone manufacturer is introducing a new pair of smartphones. ZTE has just announced its newest Nubia phones: the Nubia Z9 Mini and the Nubia Z9 Max. These two are the latest in the Nubia series of smartphones from the brand. Units will be available first in China this coming April but no mention yet when they will be released in other countries.

Plex for Android gets updated big time, version 4.0.1 now out

Plex has been one of the more solid media manager-slash-media streaming apps you could use for controlling your Chromecast stick or other such streaming devices. Plex offers a lot of features that most free apps just will not be able to match. So it’s good news that the Android app is finally getting a long-deserved update. This one will bump your Plex app version to 4.0.1, or somewhere thereabouts.

Nuzzel: read links that your friends share on FB, Twitter

With the hundreds of links you come across everyday, from your RSS feeds, your social networks, your news reader apps, etc,sometimes it would be so easy to drown in information overload. But if your Facebook and Twitter friends are people whose tastes are similar to your own or you trust them enough to like the links they post, then this new Android app would be perfect for you as it curates what your social network is sharing.

Find your next new job in Jobr, now on Android

If you're not a big fan of LinkdIn for one reason or another, but you really, really need to find a job (and classified ads in newspapers aren't your thing), you'll be glad to know that a new Job Finder app is finally available on Android. The app is simple and minimalist, but has over 1 million job openings to choose from, depending on your expertise or the industry that you're looking into.

Kabam releases ‘Fast & Furious: Legacy’, game tie-in to movie

We’ll be seeing what is probably (hopefully?) the last “Fast and the Furious” movie soon as the 7th movie of the franchise rolls into theaters in around a week. We’ll also be seeing the last of Paul Walker (*tear*) together with the Fast and the Furious cast. To hype the movie some more, game dev outfit Kabam has just released “Fast & Furious: Legacy”, a follow up to their surprisingly successful “Fast & Furious 6: The Game” movie tie-in app.

Valve and HTC’s VIVE VR headset going out free to developers

As more and more people are jumping into the VR (virtual reality) bandwagon and the market becomes more and more saturated, companies are looking for ways to leverage their products more. HTC and Valve’s VIVE VR headset are certainly among the frontrunners of the VR race, considering the positive reviews they got after their MWC 2015 launch. Valve and HTC are now hoping to leverage on game and app developers, giving them a free taste of the VIVE headset.

Android apps may run on Windows Phone via an emulator

We're not really sure about the fate of Windows Phone but Microsoft seems to be not giving up on its very own mobile platform anytime soon. Five years into the mobile app arena, Microsoft has only delivered less than 200,000 Windows Phone apps. The number is very small compared to the millions ready for download from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. It may be far (or never) before the Windows Phone Store reaches that kind of milestone but Redmond seems to be thinking now of alternative ways on how to make Windows Phone more attractive.

Alien Star Menace lets you beat the odds in massive battles

Aliens are always interesting characters when it comes to strategy games. But as always, they are the rude enemies wickedly attacking your planet. In the Alien Star Menace, the starship Paladin is being attacked by these vicious aliens. No, they will never be friendly to you so you really have to overcome these intruders.

Taichi Panda is a new action RPG for Android

So if you can’t call your game “Kung-Fu Panda” because obviously that name is already taken, but you want to still make an action game with a kick-butt panda as the lead character, well, by all means call it “Taichi Panda”. Wait, game developer Snail Games just did that. Oh well, then let’s see how the game pans out.

Literally grow (stretch) your dog in Silly Sausage in Meat Land

Do you remember back in the day (if you're old enough) when all you could play on your Nokia cellphone was a game called Snake where your only objective is to make the snake as long as you can. Well imagine that game on steroids and change the snake into a dog and have the dog stretch to get longer and you have Silly Sausage in Meat Land (What it has to do with Snake is getting more unclear). The new Android game lets you make your silly pet dog elongate and elongate and even let it sniff its own butt.
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