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Vizio 10-inch and 7-inch tablet hands-on

Coming out of CES 2013, Vizio has been showing off a pair of Android tablets. Specifically, a 10-inch and 7-inch tablet that will arrive running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Of course, therein lies the question, the arrival. From what we have seen, Vizio has been pretty quiet in terms of the 10-inch model, however they have said that the 7-inch model will arrive in the first half of 2013.

LG, Samsung and Vizio will all release Google TV hardware this year

We've been saying that Google TV needs a lot more partners if it's going to make it and boy howdy, Google's come through. In a post on the official Google TV blog, they've announced a series of new hardware partners including some very familiar names, like LG, Samsung and Vizio, all of whom will release Google TV powered devices sometime in 2012. Chipset makers Marvell and MediaTek were also announced, as well as the sole returning Google TV manufacturer, Sony.

Vizio 8″ VTAB Gingerbread tablet just $159 today only

In the usual fashion today we have another excellent deal for an Android tablet to share with our readers. We don't have Honeycomb on board but this tablet still has plenty going for it. Today Woot is offering the Vizio 8" VTAB Gingerbread tablet for a mere $159 complete with a folio case and just $5.00 shipping. That is over $170 less than retail although the unit does come refurbished.

Vizio 8 owners get three free months of Hulu Plus via software update

Vizio's 8-inch tablet is a bit of a tough sell in a sea of similar competitors, despite its relatively low retail price of $299. But today it's a little more attractive: a new software update is rolling out that includes three free months of access to Hulu's premium streaming app, Hulu Plus. That's in addition to a free month of Netflix, making the Vizio tablet a suddenly attractive alternative for video-hungry Android users.

Vizio tablet hits Amazon pre-order for $350

Vizio's 8-inch Android tablet has gone up for pre-order at Amazon, offering a 1024 x 768 capacitive touchscreen, Honeycomb OS and the ability to control HDTVs and other A/V equipment via an integrated IR emitter and universal remote app. The slate was announced back at CES 2011. Pre-orders through Vizio itself began at the start of the month, with the tablet expected to begin shipping on July 18. There it's $399.99, versus the $349.99 that Amazon is asking, though when you buy direct you get it with a 16GB microSD card and a special folio case that also works as a stand. If you can do without those accessories, though, you can save $50, and we imagine many would-be buyers will be looking for the cheapest option. Your money gets you front and rear facing cameras and WiFi b/g/n, though Amazon isn't saying when it expects the slate to ship. [via NetbookNews]

Vizio Demonstrates Newest Vizio Tablet Iteration

It seems that the folks over at Engadget have found their way into a demonstration of the upcoming Vizio Tablet from none other than Vizio. This device is a Gingerbread Android tablet at the moment, but Vizio has stated that they're considering moving to Honeycomb before the device launches. This device has a 1024x768 pixel resolution display, is made to be multimedia oriented with HDMI out, speakers on the top and side for optimal listening and an IR controller again at the top so you can change channels on your television from your seat.
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