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Sonos Software updated to version 5.4

More sound enhancements and and music experience upgrades are delivered by the latest Sonos software update. We're now on the 5.4 version and just like the previous one (Sonos 5.3), this version brings a slew of improvements and changes to this smart system of audio components and High Fidelity (HiFi) wireless speakers whether for your home or the office.

Spotify on Sonos gets updated with new tools and features

Sonos and Spotify have been making sweet music together for some time now and a recent update will even make things better. As one of the more popular music streaming apps today, Spotify is the choice of many Android users (me included) because it's easy and convenient to use and has a really large audio library.

Sonos Controller for Android gets updated to 5.3

Sonos has always been one of the top music apps on Google Play Store and its developer has just updated it to version 5.3. The Sonos app for phones and tablets has gotten even better, faster, and easier to use, thanks to more UX improvements, bug fixes, and an improved design. This recent update was actually released as beta a few weeks ago but it's now ready for a full launch. Main features include changes to moving music around your home plus three taps to party mode, track progression bar now more prominent, and new swipe gestures to control music playback.

Sonos beta update: multiroom features, smoother switching

Audio streaming app Sonos has brought (and brought back) several new features to its beta version, and it looks like they're really pushing multi-room features and functionalities to attract even more audiophiles to try using their app. The update gives users the ability to switch faster and more smoothly in between their different music sources, accessing all of them just by using one app.

Sonos revealed to be working on Android Wear controls

Although smart homes and appliances are still in the process of becoming a thing, some manufacturers are already making the jump from smartphone apps to control them to smartwatch apps to control them. Of course, it actually sometimes makes more, sense at least in terms of convenience and speed, to tap on your wrist quickly instead of having to whip out your phone first. Sonos, it seems, is just one of the latest to join the smartwatch bandwagon, though it hasn't exactly jumped in completely just yet.

Sonos will soon be completely wireless

The news of Sonos adding Google Play Music support last week has nothing on this latest revelation. The wireless speaker maker has formally announced that it will be transitioning its SonosNet system to a total wireless setup, at least when possible, finally doing away with any need for network cables.

Sonos update adds Google Play Music support

Google Play Music support has arrived on Sonos this morning. The support will be available for those using the Android app, as well as the controller app on a desktop. And interestingly, you'll also be able to stream Play Music (to a Sonos setup) direct from the Play Music app in the same way you have been streaming to a Chromecast.

Sonos 5.0 for Android: getting started and first look

Sonos has unveiled the latest version of their Android app. This release will bring what is being referred to as a "sleek" new design, and universal search. Users can begin playing with this latest version as of today, but they will need to be willing to run a beta release. Sonos expects this to reach the Play Store as a non-beta release in the "spring."

Sonos for Android update brings support for audio stored on your device

Sonos has returned with another app update for Android users. While the focus with Sonos often seems to have you pulling music from the cloud, the focus of this update brings the ability to play audio files that are stored on your handset. This includes regular music tracks as well as any podcasts that you may have downloaded. Anyway, this update is already available by way of the Google Play Store and will bring the app up to version 4.1.1.
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