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Did the Google lawn sculpture artist tease Android L official name?

It's either he's the most obvious "teaser" out there or he's giving us another red herring. Google lawn artist (yes, there's such a thing!) Giovanni Calabrese has been leaving licorice hints all over his G+ page, just ahead of his visit to the Google HQ in San Francisco. He is now working on retouching and refurbishing the lawn sculptures, probably in preparation for the official announcement of the latest Android version and the probable unveiling of the new Nexus phone, rumored to be later this month.

Android Sculpture Dropped on Car, Smokes in Amsterdam

Apparently we arrived a few weeks too early! It seems as though Amsterdam is about to be completely invaded by Android smartphone, a gigantic green Android smashing a lovely gray car leading the way for an "Android Week" at Dutch phone retailer "Phone House." This particular incident took place on Torensluis right next to the Multatuli statue - if you live there, you know exactly what that means. Now if only the could get it to get out of the car and continue smashing additional vehicles.

Android Honeycomb Sculpture Arrives at Google Building 44

Google's mobile blog has posted their official video for the unveiling of the newest sculpture to grace the lawn at Google's Building 44, this one being the most complicated of the whole crew. As you may already be aware, each time a new version of Android comes out, it's given the name of a tasty treat. The name for Android 2.3 was Gingerbread, thusly a gigantic Gingerbread man is highly visible behind the Honeycomb sculpture you'll soon see being erected in the video below. Behold the loveliness of the Android tablet OS in gigantic plastic form.

Google’s Froyo Sculpture Covered in Saran Wrap in Front of HQ [Update: Here it is!]

In classic Google tradition, it seems that the large, plastic sculpture representing the next iteration of Google's mobile Operating System (OS), Android, is now sitting out front of the Mountain View headquarters. But, unfortunately, it's still wrapped up, and despite some determination from another journalist, it's going to be kept that way for at least a little while longer.

Google finally unveils Android Marshmallow lawn statue

The secret is out. The next dessert Google is serving the Android community is Marshmallow. It's not really a dessert but more like a confectionary or special candy (then again Lollipop is a candy). It's not something that will make you satisfied, just good enough to fill your empty stomachs something until your meal is ready. Aside from Muffin, I was betting on this one but then Milkshake sounded better. Oh well, Google already made a decision and this year's Android statue was unveiled earlier today.

Space Sketchr + Project Tango makes 3D digital drawings

We’ve talked about Project Tango before – Google’s high tech tablet that is able to render stuff in 3D because of its multiple cameras. Google recently made the ultra-high tech tablet available to app developers, looking towards a strong app ecosystem for when it releases the tablet to market. That’s a good decision, we think, as apps like Space Sketchr are stretching the ideas of 3D execution and application.

Steve Wozniak is cooler than you, so Google gave him a Galaxy Nexus

Listen, it's alright. There's nothing to be ashamed about. It's a rare person that can match the sheer geeky awesomeness that is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Knowing this, Google thought that the Woz would be the perfect person to receive the very first U.S. Galaxy Nexus. The company invited him down to the Google Mountain View campus to pick it up, and had time for a brief photo op in front of the new Ice Cream Sandwich statue.
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