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Amazon Prime price increase now official

Amazon may still be lacking in a few perks when it comes to Android users being able to take full advantage of Prime, but it seems to reason that many are able to look past those shortcomings. For those who may be wondering, we are referring to the lack of a way to watch Prime streaming video. Moving on, it seems Amazon has made the once-rumored price increase official.

Amazon reportedly bringing streaming music service to Prime members

A new report suggest Amazon is getting into the streaming music business. Much as they do with their selection of movies, sources say Amazon is in discussions with several music labels to offer the same with music. The hang-up for them seems to be an opaque pricing war. The issue for us is much more clear.

Amazon updates Android app, offers free trial of Prime membership

If you’re looking to make a few purchases this holiday season, but shipping costs have you down, Amazon has you covered. An update to their Android app today now gives eligible users a free 30-day trial of Prime. The Amazon membership gives participants free two-day shipping on many items, as well as access to a treasure trove of movies via the Amazon app for media streaming devices like Roku.

Ematic Genesis Prime and FunTab Pro get water-friendly with Liquipel coating

Ematic has a wide range of tablets available, some for anyone and some that are intended more for children. While adults more often than not can keep their non-waterproof tablet from getting covered in water, kids aren't always so good at doing the same. With that in mind, it looks like the folks at Ematic have taken two of their more popular models and began treating them with Liquipel.

Amazon phone could be limited to Prime members

Bloomberg is reporting that those rumored HTC Amazon devices we’ve heard so much about lately may come with heavy strings attached. The news agency is saying that the devices (plural) could be sold to Prime members only. It may sound limiting, but could be a winning strategy for Amazon moving forward.

Ematic ships Jelly Bean with the 7-inch Genesis Prime

Ematic has announced their latest Android tablet offering, the Genesis Prime. This particular tablet is sporting a 7-inch display and is available as of today, however the nicer part of this story comes in with the fact that it ships with Jelly Bean. Specifically, the Genesis Prime tablet is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Granted, that is certainly not the latest version of Jelly Bean, however it is much nicer as compared to the alternative -- Ice Cream Sandwich.
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