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Cabinet Beta, Sliding Explorer give a foretaste of Android L

Android has a lot of file managers, many of them offering more power to what is already a power tool. But they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and those file managers do not always meet the aesthetic taste buds of some users. Those users might want to give these two updated file managers a whirl, as they offer some superpower but look nice to boot, thanks to a dash of Material Design.

ES File Explorer tips and tricks for managing your files

You'll never run out of file managers on Android, especially since the platform does not completely hide the filesystem from users, unlike that other mobile OS. The benefits and drawbacks of such freedom is still open to debate, but until that changes, file managers will be a fact of life on Android. It's sometimes hard to paint an app as the cream of the crop, but ES File Explorer comes pretty darn close. It's not going to win any awards for prettiness and new or casual users will probably be a bit confused. But for those who want to squeeze out some every bit of functionality from their device, ES File Explorer aims to please. Here are four "power user" features that you might find useful someday or today.

Google Glass Explorer do’s and don’ts detailed

Google, coming by way of the Glass Explorers, has shared a new list of sorts. The list details a bit about what should be expected when wearing Glass. Basically, a list of do's and don'ts with a key option to not be "creepy or rude." This plays to the whole 'glasshole' term, but basically has Google reminding Explorers to respect others, be polite, and don't get snappy.

Another Explorer gives up on Google Glass, saying it causes headaches

When it comes to Google Glass, there is as much good news as there is bad. Someone gets pulled over while wearing Glass, but the charges are dropped. A guy gets yanked from a movie theatre, accused of recording the film, but it was a misunderstanding. One thing that might be more concerning is early adopters who are becoming very vocal about limiting their usage, or leaving Glass behind altogether.

Google Glass Explorer invites flowing to All Access subscribers

Google Play Music support recently arrived for Glass users, and it looks like Google is going to do what they can to ensure this setup gets a thorough testing. Google Play Music All Access subscribers appear to be getting invitations to join the Glass Explorer program. We haven't seen any confirmation direct from Google just yet, however these invites are said to be coming by email.

Google Glass v2 hardware now arriving for Explorers

Google has yet to offer a public launch date for Glass, however they recently began opening the Explorer program a bit. Basically, hinting the program is going smooth. Anyway, Google mentioned that existing Explorers would be able to invite up to three more friends into the world of Glass. And along with that, there was also mention of updated hardware.
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