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Evernote Premium not “unlimited” anymore; gives 10GB/month for users

When Evernote started offering “unlimited monthly uploads” for its Premium users a few months ago, little did they know that people would start signing up and then using their service as a sort of extended hard drive or cloud service. Or they should have seen that coming, given consumer behavior when offered something “unlimited”. So now, the note taking app has come up with a new policy, removing the word and concept of unlimited in order to properly manage avoid deterioration of service.

Todoist announces Evernote, Google Calendar integrations

After adding productivity to our wrists via Android Wear last December, Todoist is updating the app by finally integrating it with Evernote, Github, and Gcal. Thanks to a new API that allows these anticipated integrations with three of the most popular productivity apps for Android today. These changes arrived  together with the new Developer Platform plus the introduction of Doist's Global Developer Challenge. The latter is a special event where developers can enter their own Todoist integration ideas for a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes.

Evernote introduces new tiers for free and paid services

Can you remember a time when Evernote wasn't part of your life? For productivity-conscious digital natives, this is one of the must-always-have apps and programs. It is pretty handy to have for school, work, and trying to make sense of all the content in your life. The developers over at Evernote are also pretty generous with their updates, always bringing new features or partnerships onto the table. Their latest is the introduction of Evernote Plus, a new paid service, as well as adding more features to its Premium service.

Evernote 7 now optimized for Android tablets

When Evernote 7 first came out for Android smartphones almost a month ago, users were pretty happy with the Material Design update, new collaborative features, and user-requested enhancements. But of course that was created just for the smaller screen and those of us who used tablets more often to access the note-taking and productivity app wished that it would also be optimized for larger screens. Well, they took their sweet time and now they're finally bringing the latest update for Android tablets.

Evernote update: sleeker Material Design, enhanced collaborative design

The Material Design visual guidelines strongly suggested by Google has probably affected almost all apps that are found on Android devices. Some adapt it totally, while some who are more concerned with their app's aesthetics have managed to give their own take on the design, without necessarily aiming to look like all of the other ones who've adapted it. Evernote's latest update certainly incorporates Material Design and at the same time made way for some user-suggested changes and adjustments.

Evernote brings Context for premium and business users

If you're a heavy Evernote user and rely on it for note writing and saving articles from the web relevant to your work or interests, then the newest augmented intelligence feature from the service should be extremely useful to you. Context will help connect you to things that will help you finish your research, paper. proposal, blog post, or whatever it is you're doing currently on the app.

Evernote app can now scan business cards

Evernote has always been one of the most widely used note-taking apps in the mobile world today. It's a favorite of journalists and just about anyone who has OCD in writing and organizing. The Android version of the app was recently introduced to include business card scanning. This brings business card exchange to a whole new level. It's not just about swapping cards--you can now easily scan the card so details are stored on a phone immediately.

Evernote to add Work Chat feature for better collaboration

If you didn't love Evernote enough before, a new upcoming feature for the note-taking and productivity app might make you fall in love with it even more. That is, if you're the sort who likes to (needs to) collaborate with other people on work or school projects. The Work Chat feature lets you stay on Evernote even while discussing changes and tasks with other members of your team.

Evernote 6 for Android: easier note creation, new design

For people who cannot live without their Evernote app professionally and personally, the new Android update will make you giddy. Not only does it have a brand new design (well, as brand new as their look could ever be), but it brings new ways of integrating your favourite productivity app with your Android smartphone. Now you have easier note creation, better web clipping from your mobile browser and faster notebook sharing.

Sunrise integrates Songkick, Evernote, other popular apps

For people who are never satisfied with their smartphone’s built-in calendar app and are always on the lookout for the next best one, Sunrise’s newest integrations can offer them something other apps don’t have yet. The recent announcements of apps they’ve partnered with include Songkick, Evernote, Github, Asana and Tripit.
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