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DYZPlastic Hints at Next Android Toy Series for Summer 2011

We know them and we LOVE them, the Android toy series from DYZPlastic and artist Andrew Bell - you see them every freaking day here on Android Community as we use them for our product reviews and more - plus we've got a custom Angry Android running around here too! Thusly whenever we get news that our pals at DYZPlastic are releasing new models, well, we get pretty pumped up. Todays revelation comes in the form of a graphic with a secret code underneath: CCI / 072111 / DKE4728 / 4D4D / 10USD. Can you "figure" it out?

Dyzplastic shows more of Android Series 2 and a Surprise

Dyzplastic Inc. is at it again showing off more of the Android Series 02 Plastic Android Collectibles that we all know, love, and are collecting. We'll us at AC are at least. If you don't know much about them you can read more about the Mini Android Collectibles and Series 01 here. Today on the DYZplastic Productions Blog they've added another preview. This is part #4 on the blog. They are showing off the model named "Blackbeard".

Halloween Edition Werewolf Android collectible launches October 30th

Who's getting ready for Halloween? If you're one of the die hard fans of Android then you've probably seen or purchased a few of the extremely popular Dyzplastic Android Mini Collectibles. They've launched a few collectible series and always manage to sell out in a matter of minutes. Just in time for Halloween they are teasing us with their new limited edition "Werewolf" Mini.

Series 3 Android figurines going on sale September 24

We love our Android collectible figurines here at Android Community, so you could say we're pretty happy to hear that some new figurines are going on sale soon. If you're looking to add content to your current Android shrine, take note that the new Series 3 collection will be going on sale starting next week on September 24.

Android Collectible figures now available from local retailers, get them today

Who loves Android? If you'd like to show your spirit or simply love the Andrew Bell Collectible Android series we have some excellent news. Previously these were only limited edition toys that sold out in minutes but it appears they are about to go big. They've announced the Open Big Box Edition series 1 today that will be available in large retailers around the country instead of only online.

This toy soldier Android figure is not approved for nut cracking

If you've read an Android Community hands-on or review post in the last year or so, you've probably seen our adorable Android vinyl figures dotting the mobile landscape. We're big fans. So is toy design factory Dead Zebra, home of Andrew Bell, who's produced Google's plastic mascots ever since the original green model came out. They've gotten into the holiday spirit with a special Toy Soldier model in a limited edition.
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