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Google Street View now a stand-alone app for Android devices

If you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time just staring at and exploring the Street Views on Google Maps, then you’d probably be happy to know that from now on, you have a separate app to enjoy all the street views from around the world. Google announced that they now have a separate app for the popular Street View feature, which will have the usual 360-degree immersive imagery, photo spheres, and even allows you to upload your own images to contribute to others’ enjoyment of places far away.

Acer Predator 6: a smartphone with a deca-core processor for gamers

We were all looking at a Predator tablet (which they did unveil as well) but we didn’t see a gaming smartphone coming. Acer previewed at the IFA today the Predator 6, an ultra powerful smartphone that they’re hoping will attract the mobile gamers as they are the ones that the Taiwanese OEM is targeting. This further expands their Predator gaming lineup, which already has powerful laptops, even fancy projector screens, plus the recently announced Predator 8 gaming tablet as well.

Samsung announces SLEEPsense sleep tracker

The Internet of Things(IoT) has just begun--it's happening slowly but surely. We've been seeing a number of products and services introduced left and and at this year's IFA, expect more IoT products to be unveiled. One of the forerunners is Samsung with the launch of SLEEPsense--a flat circular device that tracks a person's sleep patterns, hours, and movements.

Gigaset enters smartphone market with sleek devices, modern specs

Smaller gadget manufacturers have gotten the right amount of inspiration when they look at what Xiaomi, OPPO, ZTE, and OnePlus – among a lot of other Asia-based companies who have started competing with the more established brands – have done. They took the game to the bigger brands by aggressive pricing and specs that allow their devices to do what most of the other premium gadgets can. So a new player, in the shape of Germany-based Gigaset, is coming into the market, and it’s bringing with the same aggressive playset – devices with great design and specs at an aggressive (affordable) price point.

Cyanogen OS 12.1 rolls out for OnePlus One, on other devices soon

If you’re a OnePlus One user, then this could be something you’ve been waiting for a bit. The good news is Cyanogen OS 12.1 – the Android 5.1 update for Cyanogen OS – will be rolling out over the air (OTA) to OnePlus One devices starting today, and will do so for other Cyanogen OS devices in the next few days. The update looks promising, so let’s dig in.

Zoe app now to be hosted locally, will remain for HTC devices only

When HTC opened up their Zoe video creation app to Android users who were not rocking HTC devices, some Android users were pretty excited because of the collaborative nature of the app. It allowed your friends to add media to your video and to even remix other videos. But they weren’t probably prepared for the number of people who would be using their app, leading to crashes, performance issues, and user dissatisfaction. Now they’re updating the app, but it brings a good news, bad news situation.

Android Wear can now work with selected iOS devices

We’ve heard murmurings about this possibility a few months back, but now it’s official: your iOs devices will now be able to sync with Android Wear devices. This is quite a big step for the extremely competitive rivalry between Apple and Android, and it may even signal the start of cross-platform apps and features in the future. But for now, Android Wear users who have iPhones will be able to enjoy it, as well as Apple users who have or are planning to get an Android Wear smartwatch rather than the Apple Watch.

LG to show off SmartThinQ Sensor, AllJoyn tech, and appliances at the IFA 2015

LG surprised us with the limited edition Watch Urbane Luxe over the weekend and now we've got news that the South Korean giant is ready to make our homes smarter than ever with the SmartThinQ Sensor. The company will be showcasing this new product that can be attached to a number of appliances at home that can transform them into smart devices. LG calls it "smart-aware" but it's really just a smart appliance.

Google Play Services updated to V 8.1 with (unusable) Android Pay 

We thought that the wait for Android Pay was almost over, but a few minutes later, we were proven wrong. We were already disappointed that the rumored launch last Wednesday was obviously wrong, but our hopes were up when the newest update of Google Play Services came out, as Android Pay was already visible. However, this may just be a very short preview, as the feature is still unusable at this point and eventually “disappears”.
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