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Lego Star Wars game collection now available for Android devices

The new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, is still 7 months away, but expect a continuous bombardment of everything Star Wars over the next few months (and we don't really mind at all). Of course Lego is never far behind any pop culture phenomena, and this time, they're bringing together all the Star Wars video games in one collection, combining together the original LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and the sequel LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy.

ASUS to start using Snapdragon in future ZenFone devices

Could ASUS be ditching Intel for Qualcomm? This seems to be the plan as the CEO of ASUS shared his plans for the company in a recent interview. For one, CEO Jerry Shen said the company will start naming mobile devices by numbers similar to the strategy of Samsung and Apple since it's easier to remember. This means the next flagship will be called the ZenFone 3.

Legendary Japanese RPG Ys Chronicles 1 now available on Android devices

If you're a huge fan of anything digital and Japanese, then you would remember a popular game franchise in the early 2000s called Ys, which was available on the PC and PSP back then. Now it is set to make itself known to a new generation of mobile gamers. Ys Chronicles 1 is considered the "godfather of Japanese action-RPG sagas" and is now making its way to your smartphone or tablet.

Evernote introduces new tiers for free and paid services

Can you remember a time when Evernote wasn't part of your life? For productivity-conscious digital natives, this is one of the must-always-have apps and programs. It is pretty handy to have for school, work, and trying to make sense of all the content in your life. The developers over at Evernote are also pretty generous with their updates, always bringing new features or partnerships onto the table. Their latest is the introduction of Evernote Plus, a new paid service, as well as adding more features to its Premium service.

Livescribe+ Preview now available on Android devices

There are times when typing on a keyboard is more convenient when encoding your thoughts, plans, schoolwork, etc. But then there are also times when actually writing down stuff or drawing by hand is a better way to express yourself. But what if you wanted to digitize that as well? You scan or take a picture? Smart pens have now made that process easier, and of those is Livescribe 3. Now the accompanying app is available for Android devices, making your life even more convenient.

Mophie announces Juice Pack for brand new LG G4

The announcement of the specs of the LG G4 is still hot off the presses, and one of the most attractive features of their new flagship is that it has a 3,000 mAh battery that is also replaceable in case it runs out of juice. But if you still need more power than that (as you probably will, tinkering around with your brand new device), then one of the external batteries you can consider is Mophie's Juice Pack, which will be available soon.

Google Play Services 7.3 now out, connect several wearables to one phone

The genius team of Android developers over at Google has just announced the rollout of Google Play services 7.3. This means new tools are ready to be explored and new APIs to be tested. The new version includes the latest Android Wear APIs, better support for optional APIs, improvements on retrieving location and activities of a user, and Google Fit getting more data. Developers of Android apps will greatly benefit from the new APIs and enhancements on Google Play Services but this also means more benefits for the end users--you and me.

All SNK Playmore premium games now at discounted prices

In celebration and remembrance of the NEO GEO’s 25th Anniversary – for those not old enough to remember, this is some seriously cool video game hardware made by SNK – app developer SNK Playmore is putting all of its premium games on the discounted price of USD$0.99. For fans of SNK’s arcade ports to Android, this should be the signal for pandemonium.

SwiftKey Hub now available for easier access to features, settings

It may still be in its beta phase, but it looks like SwiftKey for Android is bringing out all the bells and whistles with every update, to make you realize you need to get it as your new virtual keyboard for your smartphone. You may call it a mini make-over, as the latest version contains a new SwiftKey Hub located conveniently, and a new "sleek, modern look" that makes your smartphone look even nicer.
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