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Bose adds Bluetooth, WiFi to SoundTouch, brings new SoundTouch 10

You would think that wireless speakers will automatically have WiFi and Bluetooth, but two years ago, when Bose released its SoundTouch system, they didn’t think of doing so. But now, particularly with the increasing popularity of music streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, etc, it’s not just a bonus to have connectivity, but it’s a must. So now for the third-generation SoundTouch system, including the compact SoundTouch 10, they are finally already Bluetooth-enabled.

Logitech outs new Bluetooth mouse, keyboard for your mobile computing needs

One of the top brands when it comes to computer and mobile accessories is Logitech. This week, the company is bringing a couple of new Bluetooth-enabled products that promise to help you with your mobile computing needs. The new keyboard and mouse, officially called as the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and the M535 Bluetooth Mouse, both allow comfortable, fast, and ease of use whenever you need to finish some work while on-the-go.

Scosche shows off new BoomBottle+ Bluetooth speaker for rough and rugged use

There are a lot of portable Bluetooth speakers available in the market but there are only a few that can be considered safe and rugged enough for rough use like biking. Sure, there are headphones available but admit it, they're not as comfy and safe to use. The idea when cycling is to have some music playing in the background (or foreground). Music doesn't need to be loud because it can be dangerous. You need to hear the pedestrians and other vehicles near you.

Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker fills your life with music [DEALS]

If you're in the mood for some wireless listening experience but the basic Bluetooth speakers aren't just doing it for you, then Soundfreq might just have the right offer. The Sound Step Lightning 2 Bluetooth Speaker is no ordinary Bluetooth sound accessory. The hi-fi speaker features its own subwoofer you'd only find in more complex, heavier, and more expensive setups. All while keeping not only the size and weight but, thanks to the Android Community Deal special offer, even the price down.

Feel free to MMOVE with these Bluetooth earbuds [DEALS]

Enjoy your music and stay in touch with a pair of MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds, 34% off for readers of Android Community The ultra comfortable MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds offer high quality audio and state of the art noise cancelling technology to provide a robust listening experience. Just pair them up to any audio device that is equipped with Bluetooth and listen to your heart’s content at home or on the go.

Never lose stuff again when you attach Tile Bluetooth tracker

Just a little over two years ago, the Tile Bluetooth tracker was introduced to the market, allowing consumers to keep track of important things like expensive umbrellas, bags, gadgets simply by attaching the tiny device to them. Now the makers believe it’s about time to release a second generation version, with some hardware improvements, as well as new features to help keep track of your belongings, including the all-important mobile phone.

HP 10 G2 appears on FCC and Bluetooth SIG websites

If the FCC and Bluetooth SIG websites are to be believed, HP is apparently about to launch a brand new 10-inch tablet. Images and specs of the unannounced device called the HP 10 G2 suddenly appeared on the sites recently, and it just might be an updated version of the original HP 10 tablet. But unlike its predecessor that ran on Windows, the new HP tablet might just very well be an Android device.

Plantronics rolls out BackBeat SENSE wireless Bluetooth headphones

Plantronics, one of the leaders in audio technology, has just introduced a new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones in the form of the BackBeat SENSE. This new smart pair promises excellent audio quality and comfort even after a long period of usage. It's very lightweight you won't actually feel that you are wearing headphones during those times that you just want to listen and get lost in the music.

LG Tone Active is the Bluetooth headset to accompany your workouts

When you’re working out or being all active, sometimes, the accompanying music is just as important as the actual activity you’re doing, since it helps motivate you and push you to do more. So it is really important that the headset or earphones you’re using is of really good quality and all. One pair aiming to capture your heart, or rather, your ears, is the newest one in the LG Tone series, the Bluetooth headset called the LG Tone Active.

HELIX: Bluetooth headphones you can wear on your wrist

A pair of headphones can always be improved and there's no stopping people from coming up with their own innovations. It's probably one device that I don't really care about as long as audio quality is good. Sometimes, I really can't tell the difference but I want crisp and clear sounds booming into my ears. And so this pair of Helix wearable headphones has caught my attention with its unique and stylish form.
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