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Sprint Event Promises Industry First [4G iPhone?] with David Blaine(?!)

Uh... so this is weird. Invites have just gone out to publishers for an event hosted by Sprint at which we'll all "See what Sprint has up it's Sleeve." It'll be invitation only (like these things usually are,) and will showcase "yet another industry first." And David Blaine will be there. Uh... neat? Chances are it WONT be an iPhone unless Sprint has some magical way to integrate 4G connectiveness without changing the iPhone hardware (that was the holdback for Verizon yesterday), it'll be more than likely some other kind of wackiness.

Sprint Kyocera Echo Hands-On

It's one of the oddest devices you're ever going to hold in your hands, and that's not just in the Android gene pool. This is the Kyocera Echo, the dual-screen Android smartphone announced by Sprint earlier this year with David Blaine the magician. Certainly a memorable event to say the least. This device is made to appeal to your need to have a device that absolutely noone else has, a device that would scare away the meek of heart, a device like you've never seen before! We've wrapped our fingers around its odd panels and buttons and the results are just as odd as the concept.

Kyocera Echo FCC Listing [Dual-Screen Magic Machine of Oddness]

If you'll think back to a few weeks ago, we were hanging out in New York when suddenly there was a flash, and a flying man! He told us to go to a Sprint even that would feature him, David Blaine! So we went to this Sprint event and he did a bunch of magic including holding his breath for entirely too long, releasing fish from his mouth, and pouring some liquid inside liquid - why would he do such things, you might ask? He was promoting a magical new device, of course, the Kyocera Echo, a dual-screen Android device that's not a phone yet not quite a tablet. Today that device has passed the FCC, so it'll be out soon, we hope!

Kyocera Echo: Are You Serious?

Yesterday we were treated to a rather odd show in New York, one featuring a short magic show by David Blaine followed by a reveal of a human-sized phone that only turned out to be a mockup of a tinier phone. That in itself I found to be an outrage, as I was very excited about dual 4-foot screens. Then came the big reveal: Kyocera, a name not oft spoken aloud when it comes to notable Android phones. The phone Sprint and Kyocera shook hands for one full minute to release was called the Echo, Kyocera Echo, or Sprint Echo, however you want to title it. This phone is one that can be a single screen phone or fold out to a laptop or single giant screen mode. It's 3G, it's running Android 2.2 Froyo, it's got a single 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and it's less than a week away from MWC 2011. Why would Sprint and Kyocera release such a wild card?

Sprint Kyocera Echo First Ad Spot

We've been live at Sprint's special event on Monday, February 7 where we've been treated to an odd set of events including David Blaine underwater letting fish come out of his mouth, a pair of CEO fellow shaking hands for a full minute, and a brand new phone from Sprint and Kyocera, the Echo, a dual-screen Android smartphone with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, a WVGA 3.5 inch touchscreen on both pieces of the phone, and several modes of operation.

Sprint Announces David Blain in a Fishtank

We're live at Sprint's special event in New York with David Blaine the magician / illusionist and the wait for the strangest announcement in recent memory has begun with an announcement that the David Blaine segment will not be allowed to be filmed or photographed. Too much magic wrecks cameras anyway. In fact, there's to be no photography of anything during the entire event - yeah right. The event begins with David Blaine in a big tank of water, and goes on to reveal him let a fish out of his mouth, to which a woman screams "A FISH!"

Dual-Screen Android Tablet Sprint’s “Big Announcement” for February 7th?

Just last week Sprint sent out an email to the press inviting them to a special event where they will release an "Industry First." The internet went crazy with rumors as to exactly what this industry first could be. Was it a 4G iPhone? Probably not, all Android sites were invited to the event. Now we may have a little bit more information as to exactly what it could be - a dual-screen Android tablet.

Sprint Event Hinting at 3D Android Phone?

Just a few days ago (January 12th to be exact,) we received an invite to a Sprint event to be taking place on February 7, 2011 that promised no less that an "industry first" in wireless, this event to be joined by illusionist David Blaine. Now we may have (MAYBE) put the puzzle pieces together in an older post (old as in November 2010) which pointed toward an HTC phone with 3D capabilities.