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AndyPad Pre-Orders Start Today

Who remembers us talking about the AndyPad? If you don't you should because these are some extremely competitively priced Android tablets and today they are finally up for pre-order. We've covered the AndyPad more than a few times in the past and recently they received some hands-on treatment.

AndyPad Tablets Specs and Prices Confirmed by AndyPad Site

AndyPad is a new British Manufacturer who's upcoming tablets are aimed the lowest price bracket. Specs and pricing have been rumored and all but confirmed over the past months, and now AndyPad's official website have confirmed those rumors. As some of the cheapest tablets these are clearly some of the least attractive ones we've seen, but for the price you may find them worth it.

AndyPad and AndyPad Pro get brief hands-on treatment

Paul over at got to spend a bit of time playing hands-on with the new AndyPad and AndyPad Pro. The standard AndyPad will land for £129 and the AndyPad Pro is pegged at £169. Both of those prices include shipping. We already know the hardware details on the Android tablets with each getting Rock Chip 1.2Ghz processors, 512MB of RAM, and mini HDMI outputs along with microUSB and 3.5mm headphone ports.

AndyPad Pro confirmed with capacitive touch and dual-cameras

The UK team behind the AndyPad budget Android tablet has announced that there will be a second version of the low-cost slate, targeted at enthusiasts and early-adopters. The AndyPad Pro will have a capacitive touchscreen - rather than the £129 AndyPad's resistive panel - as well as both front and rear cameras. The original AndyPad will have 512MB of RAM, it's been concerned, after negative feedback over the original plans to use just 256MB. Worldwide availability - alongside the UK launch - is also intended. The company is still yet to confirm screen details, nor to show a full image of the device. That, they tell Android Community, is to give them some redesign wiggle-room between now and launch. Pricing for the AndyPad Pro will be similar to the £129 AndyPad, though obviously carry a premium. [gallery id="38473"]

AndyPad super-cheap Android tablet priced at £129

The AndyPad bargain Android tablet has been further detailed, and it looks set to be a better deal than previously expected. Tipped at "under £200" ($324) by UK company AndyPad, in fact the 7-inch slate will be just £129 ($209). That gets you a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor, WiFi connectivity and Android 2.3 Gingerbread (rather than Honeycomb). It'll come preloaded with Facebook, Twitter and various games and other apps, along with 1080p HD output through a standard HDMI port. Other connectivity includes microUSB and a microSD card slot. Launch is expected in 75 days, according to the company, which puts it about two and a half months out. [gallery]

Andy Pad Offers Cheaper Gingerbread Tablet to a Younger Generation

UK manufacturer Andy Pad has released some details about their namesake tablet, set to launch in less than 80 days by their site. At only £200 (around $325 at the moment), Andy Pad is attempting to fill a market gap its seen. From the sounds of the company's website and a quote given to Newswire, Andy Pad believes the lower end tablet market has many devices which have sacrificed quality to sell for the price they do. The Andy Pad then, while it may not be as feature rich or powerful as tablets like the Xoom or Galaxy Tab 10.1, sounds like it will still be a quality device.