6G Introduced by Ozzy and Bieber for Best Buy [video] [REVIEW]

February 7, 2011

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So you've an early adopter and you want to have your hands on the newest product, the quickest speed, the best means to have your hands on the data that's rightfully yours. Best Buy has your back. They've got not only 4G, presented by Ozzy Osbourne - they've moved beyond that ancient foolishness. It's time for 6G, as presented by futuristic TRON Justin Bieber. Pay attention to the weirdos in the background as well, as they're changing position, form, and costume. Very Lady Gaga.

This is the commercial that was shown somewhere in the second half of the Superbowl, promoting Best Buy's fabled Buyback program that's apparently "free this week." The point of this commercial is to play on the fact that not only does technology improve at an exponential rate, the products we use every day pop out right along with it. Ozzy and Bieber might never have been in any kind of Best Buy commercial on their own, but the thought of them being in one together was just too enticing a concept for Best Buy to pass up.

[youtube rLUmTnTV6Js]

Ozzy introduces 4G in a space suit and he's given a new phone almost instantly since speeds have increased to 5G during the time the commercial is being filmed. Once he does a play on Crazy Train with this fabulous new 5G phone, he's replaced entirely by Justin Beiber in a space suit with 6G, Beiber clearly representing the... generation after Ozzy? Skipped a few I think - that's the point too of course. Then there's a clever little treat at the end with an aged Beiber, and the package is complete. Well played, Best Buy.

[Via The Superbowl]

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  • i lol’d

  • i lol’d

  • jb

    Nice, but Android-schmandroid!

    uSamp, a high-tech research firm, asked a sample of less than 750 AT&T and Verizon smartphone owners how likely they were to switch to Verizon’s version of the iPhone when it goes on sale this Thursday, day one. If the results are accurate, Research in Motion is in trouble and the run on Android phones could be about to hit a wall. Among RIM owners, 66% are very likely (32%) or somewhat likely (34%) to switch and among Android owners, 44% are either very likely (19%) or somewhat likely (25%) to switch to iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      em rofl dude dont embaress yourself XDD

      • Asdf

        lmfao “of less than 750” = 10 people, possible all in a particular store with a fruit logo? =P

        I like how weighted the question is, and the fact that he actually stops to read Android information when he’s clearly against it. Must be living in his mom’s basement (or closet) rocking back and forth with his Fruity devices. LOL

    • Anonymous

      em rofl dude dont embaress yourself XDD

  • Daragh

    and the 6G phone is… a Nexus S

  • Tashiko clark

    What is the 6g phone

  • Brians Android

    I would just like to say: this apple vs android obsession is not hard to see the facts. Apple has been around for a long time and they have a great product! Android has only been out for a little over two years and has made great progress with each release. Given the fact that they are going to a six month release cycle I don’t see apple being able to hold its current market status. I believe apples current driving sales advantage for apple products are :1-Brand name and society status(ie. i own an i phone and you don’t), 2-the huge number of vendors that have incorporated i-phone compatibility into there products, 3-i phone accessories are every where. When android overcomes these issues the i phone will be just another phone. And as far as rim goes, there products are great but there os is to far behind to catch up at this point I think.

    I do apologize for this long opinion, thanks for you patience.

  • Andrew

    How many Bloody Gs are there? LMAO!