Flipboard 2.0 unveiled ahead of release on Android

Flipboard version 2.0 has officially been announced. The disappointing part is that it has already been made available for iOS users as those rocking an Android device will have a few weeks to wait. The folks at Flipboard have said that version 2.0 will be available for Android users next month. Just in case you needed a bit of extra teasing, this update is being touted as a "major new edition."

Pole Star indoor GPS service will support Android

I think most of us know from experience that trying to find your way around a large indoor location such as a convention center or an unfamiliar mall can be very challenging. You can wander around in unfamiliar mall looking for a specific store or finally break down and ask some complete stranger where the store you need is located. Another option is a new application for Android devices called Pole Star.

My Purchases makes it easy to see your Google Play purchase history

One of the things that can be a pain to do when you upgrade your Android device is to be sure you've downloaded all of your apps from your old device. The easiest way to do that is to look back at your purchase history, but finding that purchase history can be a pain. This is where an app called My Purchases comes in.

BOINC software creates a distributed smartphone computer system

If you're a computer user, you're probably familiar with distributed computing systems that take a bunch of different computers and harness their power to perform one task. One notable distributed computing system that used software running on thousands of computers around the country and the world was SETI@Home. Another example of distributed computing is Folding@Home.

Duck Retro Hunt brings nostalgia and 8-bit gaming to Android

Whoa! For everyone that had any sort of childhood or fun in the late 80's and early 90's the game Duck Hunt needs absolutely zero introduction. Irritating dogs laughing at you when your aim is terrible and you can't shoot those beautiful 8-bit ducks. Oh, the memories. Well today we get that same classic 8-bit fun mixed in with some 2013 style augmented reality on Android. Check it out below.

Gameloft hints at upcoming Iron Man 3 mobile game

One of our favorite mobile developers are getting ready to start teasing their next big mobile game. The folks from Gameloft are no strangers to releasing games along side popular Hollywood films, and we have a feeling this teaser is set to do the same thing. Iron Man 3 is coming soon, and Gameloft looks to be prepping a few teasers while we wait.

GALAXY S 4 accessories pricing and release dates revealed

When Samsung took the stage that cold morning in New York City to announce their new flagship smartphone the GALAXY S 4, they had a lot more than just a phone to show us. Obviously it was all about the software and multiple S-app features, but they also have a slew of accessories coming too. Today we have what appears to be a full rundown of all the accessories, their prices, and even releases dates.