Sony C5303 ‘HuaShan’ images surface

A series of images have recently surfaced showing what is believed to be the Sony C5303. The handset has previously been given the codename of HuaShan and this particular model is one that will bring LTE connectivity. Sony is also expected to have other variants of this handset including the C5302 and C5306.

Pantech Vega No. 6 smartphone unveiled with 5.9-inch display

Pantech has officially announced their latest smartphone, the Vega No. 6. Except, given the size of the display some may prefer to call this a phablet. Names aside, the Vega No. 6 is on the larger size and will arrive sporting a 5.9-inch display. Along with the display (which is Full HD), the Vega No. 6 will have a large battery and a 13 megapixel rear-facing camera that is said to be capable of recording full HD resolution video at 30 frames per second.

Samsung looking to expand Music Hub availability to all devices

The Samsung Music Hub is currently available in six countries and on a few devices to include the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. Based on a recent report though, it looks like Samsung is planning to not only expand into additional markets, but also onto additional devices. Defining the additional devices a bit further, Samsung is looking to make the Music Hub available for non-Samsung devices.

Unlocking your phone: Petition started to make it legal

In case you've somehow missed the news over the past week or so, unlocking your smartphone to use on the carrier of your choice is now illegal. Even a phone you've purchased yourself. We can't do what we want with our own smartphone! Our coverage yesterday confirms just how bad of a taste that left in many of our readers mouths, so today we found a petition started to change the ridiculous law. More details after the break.

Say goodbye to the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus

With no help from Verizon Wireless it looks like one of the most promising and exciting smartphones from last year has reached the end of its life. We're talking about the 4G LTE powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. Being the first "Nexus" (and I say that gently) to be available with 4G LTE and the nations largest carrier, it was a big deal. Sadly it wasn't a big deal to Verizon and recently it took its last breath.

AT&T Galaxy S IV reportedly shows up in UAProf

We still don't know much about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone, but if all the leaks and rumors are accurate we should start seeing plenty of details soon. While we've heard nothing but rumors to this point, a new full HD smartphone has appeared in a UAProf complete with AT&T on board. Many believe this leak shows the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV for AT&T.

Chrome Beta for Android found to be hiding a full-screen browsing mode

It seems Google may have hidden a full-screen browsing mode in the latest Chrome Beta release. Though, before anyone thinks of switching to the beta -- we should point out that this seems to be more of an unintentional discovery at this point. Simply put, the latest Chrome Beta can enter a full-screen browsing mode, however there are a few things that need to be done in order to make it work. Not to mention, there are some glitches when returning after you have closed the app.