Instagram hit with class-action lawsuit over controversial Terms of Service

It hasn't been a good week for Instagram. When the Facebook-owned company revealed its updated Terms of Service, which go into effect next month, the Internet went crazy, pointing out certain clauses that many users took issue with. It was a controversy that had co-founder Kevin Systrom taking to the Instagram blog to try to smooth things over before the company changed the Terms of Service to contain more favorable language. Today, however, we hear that Instagram has been hit with a class action lawsuit filed by Finkelstein & Krinsk for plaintiff Lucy Fines.

Tapatalk HD Beta now available from Google Play

Tapatalk HD for Android tablets was released as an open beta back in October. The catch with that release though, the app had to be downloaded from the Tapatalk support fourms and sideloaded. But as of today it looks like that has changed -- Tapatalk HD Beta is now available from the Google Play Store.

Netflix to add social sharing features in 2013

The folks from Netflix have announced they'll be offering multiple social features starting in 2013 for their movie and TV services. A bill was recently passed in the senate that removes restrictions on sharing movie and rental history in the US. Netflix has offered social features outside the US for some time, but this will be available stateside soon.

Toy Defense update adds 12 new Christmas levels

Those Tower Defense games sure can be addicting, especially once you beat the entire game and go through it again on hard mode. For all the tower defense fans on Android we have a neat little game for everyone to try. It's called Toy Defense and they bring the real war to toys. This week they've updated their popular game with 12 new Christmas themed levels.

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean updates begin rolling out to global HTC One S

HTC has quite the gift in store for One S users, as it has starting rolling out Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean updates to some global HTC One S handsets. The update was first discovered by the fine folks over at the XDA Developers Forum, and while there are a lot of CID numbers that are apparently supported, not all global One S devices are getting Jelly Bean right away. The same is true for the US One S, which is sold through T-Mobile - we're not sure when that will be getting Jelly Bean either, sadly.

Google’s Music match replacing explicit lyrics – here’s a fix

Last week we reported that Google's finally added scan and match to their Google Music cloud service. The feature in which if Google already has the song available for Google Music, instead of uploading the entire song they'll just "scan and match" then add the song to your library for you. Much quicker. Sadly it looks like Google music doesn't like naughty words or those explicit Ludacris songs we all have.
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