Google Maps Navigation gets a green light in Mexico

Those folks from Mountain View have been working hard to bring their popular services to as many regions as possible. Yesterday it appears that the awesome Google Maps Navigation feature has been given the green light and is now available in Mexico. It's in a beta stage, but users in Mexico should be able to use and enjoy Maps Navigation with all the features we currently enjoy elsewhere.

iLumi intelligent LED bulbs kick off Indiegogo campaign

There are a few intelligent light bulbs vying for your dollar at the moment, but before you dive in, you might want to give iLumi a look. The iLumi series of Bluetooth LED light bulbs have been in development for the past two years, and now they need your help in making it to market. The iLumi Team has created an Indiegogo campaign to secure funding for this new line up of intelligent LED bulbs, and they have 35 days left to reach their funding goal of $100,000.

Huawei Ascend D2 quad-core 1080p phone leaks in GLBenchmark

The somewhat popular Chinese brand Huawei has been making great progress as of late with their Android offerings. The folks from Huawei have been releasing impressive phones with their own in-house quad-core processors, large batteries, and trying to "get it right" according to them. While they still aren't there yet, a new smartphone leaked from a GLBenchmark shows some promise.

Geneva WorldRadio pairs a classic FM radio with Bluetooth for Android

There's plenty of Bluetooth wireless speakers available today we can pair with our Android smartphones and tablets, but today we were tipped off on a neat new one worth checking out. It's called the Geneva WorldRadio and they've combined the classic look of an old school FM radio (metal handle and all) with a 2.4-inch LCD display for easy pairing with your Android smartphones and tablets.

Predators the Game by Fox Entertainment on sale in the Play Store

If you're a fan of the popular Predator Movie series, or just love classic games for Android we have an awesome one worth mentioning today. Brought to you officially by Fox Digital Entertainment is the official Predators game for Android. It's tons of fun and today is on sale for just $0.99 for those interested.

Jelly Bean update lands on Samsung Galaxy S Advance in January

In a world where Android manufacturers are rushing to get Jelly Bean updates out the door, Samsung has been one of the best. The company is or will be supporting a lot of its handsets with Jelly Bean updates, including the Galaxy S Advance. We've known for a little while that the Galaxy S Advance was going to be updated to Jelly Bean, but today we're getting an actual release window for the update.

YouTube adds automatic closed captions in 6 new languages

Way back in 2009 the folks from Google finally added closed captions to YouTube, since then they've been updating as many videos as they can, adding more languages, and improving the option. Today Google has announced on the official YouTube Blog that they've added 6 brand new languages to their automatic caption system. Last year they added a few, and now European countries have more options.
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