Sharp and frog work together on Feel UX Android user interface

Many of the Android smartphones on the market today have a custom user interface over the top to allow the maker to tweak how the operating system looks and feels to suit its needs. The upside to these user interfaces is that they do often make Android easier to navigate for some users and arguably make the operating system better looking. The downside is that these user interfaces are also the reason updates for Android are delayed.

Dark Nebula tilt puzzle game arrives for Android

If you're a fan of those tilt puzzle games more widely known as labyrinth games you'll surely want to check this out. The popular Dark Nebula - Episode One has just arrived in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets and is still one of my classic favorites. It was released on iOS at least 3 years ago and was always a good time waster, and now Android users can enjoy it too.

Samsung makes the Galaxy S III “SAFE” for Enterprise

Samsung today has unveiled a new smartphone as well as a rating for their devices being called SAFE, which stands for "Samsung approved for enterprise." This new SAFE rating has immediately been attached to their brand new Galaxy S III, reassuring users that Samsung is the best route -- especially for enterprise users.

LG Optimus L5 ICS smartphone hits Europe this month

LG's brand new style-focused L series is getting ready to launch worldwide and in Europe this month and today they've announced more details on the mid-ranged L5 model. First announced back in February this 4.0-inch Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device will be headed to Europe in June, and then continue with the worldwide release in July.

Google Nexus 7 tablet takes photos – appear online

Some more rumors are hitting the wires today about Google's upcoming Nexus Tablet. We've been hearing details and rumors for a few months now but today we might have caught a break. Some photos have appeared on Picasa hinting that the device is indeed real, and snapping photos from inside Google's headquarters.