GameFly launching store and developing games for Android

If you are an avid gamer, especially on Android this could be some potentially awesome news. The hugely popular company GameFly is looking to get into Android full steam. If you've used their service for console gaming you'll know they are a Netflix-style monthly payment service for unlimited gaming. They've now announced the GameFly Gamestore for Android and more.

Google cleared of patent infringement by Jury

Google's near the home stretch and the Google vs Oracle lawsuit has finally reached an end, and a verdict. Today in San Francisco the Jury has officially cleared Google in the lawsuit. Claiming they did not infringe on Oracles patents and thus the trial is over. Big win for Google and team green today folks.

eBay for Android updated with offer notifications and sharing features

Who doesn't love eBay right? Other than all the fees they've added over the years and outrageous seller feedback it is still an online auction powerhouse. With million and millions of users you know plenty are mobile. Yesterday they quickly updated their official eBay app for Android and added a host of new features, improved notifications, and the item view design is steadily improved. Check it out.

HTC One XL hitting German LTE networks next month

Hooray, an even larger HTC One X! Well, no - "One XL" is the name for international models of the much-loved One X with an LTE radio, instead of the standard HSPA+. (AT&T's version of the HTC One X is an XL in all but name). The first nation to get the phone outside of the Americas will be Germany, operating one of the few LTE networks outside of Asia and North America. Vodafone, O2 and Duetsche Telecom will all get the phone in early June.

NVIDIA “Kai” hopes to bring quad-core for $200

The Tegra 3 is sitting on top of the Android performance world at the moment, but that doesn't mean that NVIDIA's going to rest on their laurels. Their new Kai strategy hopes to bring quad-core SoC's to the $199 price point or lower, a range typically reserved for "reader tablets" with low specs and even lower expectations. Kai isn't a chip or hardware (that we know of, anyway), it's Nvidia's name for their process of reducing the price of high-performance tablet components.

RAMPAGE 6 can’t run ICS, but it might stop a bullet

You remember those old westerns where the priest gets shot by the bad guy, but the bullet is dramatically stopped by the Bible he keeps in his breast pocket? We don't really have a parallel for that today, but if you carry around the RAMPAGE 6 from SDG Systems, you might have a similar experience. This 5.7-inch, ultra-ruggedized smartphone-tablet hybrid was recently announced, and is intended for soldiers, scientists or anyone whose important work might occasionally include being in a live minefield.

Samsung Galaxy Note ICS source code now available

For all the ire that Samsung draws with its TouchWiz interface and mostly late software updates, the company is surprisingly forward when it comes to supporting the open source aspects of Android. Bootloaders aren't an issue (we're looking at you, Moto and HTC) and source code is delivered in a timely manner. So it is with the Galaxy Note: a couple of weeks after sending out the Ice Cream Sandwich update to international models, they've posted the source code for same.

Acer Iconia Tab A510 shipments halted due to hardware defect

Planning on purchasing an Acer Iconia Tab A510 any time soon? You might want to put those plans on hold: Acer's German Facebook page has announced that the tablets that Acer has on hand are defective due to a faulty component. Acer didn't day which component had the issue, but they were quick to assure customers that the tablets that have already been sold or are currently on store shelves are not affected.

S-Voice is back with other Galaxy S III goodies

If you were dazzled by Samsung's S-Voice from the Galaxy S III in the day or so before they blocked access to the operating servers... then you're probably easily impressed. But for the three of you who have Android 4.0 devices and really, really want a shameless Siri clone, "ithehappy" over at XDA has created a signed APK that fools said servers into thinking you're running the unreleased Galaxy S III without checking the standard build.prop value. Get after it!