Android tablets gain ground with 10.5 million sales in Q4 2011

Apple sells a lot of iPads - their recent financial disclosing leave no doubt about it. But looming behind the Cupertino giant is the specter of Android, ready to take over the tablet world as it already has the smartphone one. While Apple shipped more than 15 million iPads worldwide in the last three months of 2011, Android tablet shipments rose to 10.5 million, giving the two platforms a 57.6% and 39.1% share of the tablet market, respectively. Compared the the same quarter in 2010, Apple's market share dropped my more than 10 points while Android's rose by almost exactly the same amount. The latest numbers are according to Strategy Analytics.

Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock has issues with dark skin tones

One of the myriad new features in Ice Cream Sandwich that got people really excited about Android 4.0 was Face Unlock, an alternative to sliding, PIN or pattern-based screen unlocks that uses a forward-facing camera to literally recognize the user's face. Upon actual use, however, it's clear that the technology isn't quite as fleshed out as it could be: frequent errors necessitate a backup system for most users. Apparently some users in particular are having trouble: a Reddit user identifying himself as a black man said that he has consistent issues with Face Unlock not recognizing him. His problems are echoed by other users throughout the thread.

WebOS app favorite Glimpse coming to Android

As anyone who's actually used it will tell you, the death of Palm/HP's WebOS really is a shame. The little operating system that couldn't had a lot of great ideas (more than a few of which made their way into Ice Cream Sandwich) but low sales and almost nonexistent app support doomed the platform. That isn't to say there were no good apps, and one of the best is coming to Android in the future: the multi-faceted, multi-talented Glimpse. The HP TouchPad app does more multitasking in a single window than certain iDevices can manage all day.

Sony ‘Tapioca’ and ‘Nypon’ spyshots leaked

Spyshots of the Sony Tapioca and Nypon have leaked, and each show us a little bit more of what may be shown off at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain during Mobile World Congress 2012. We had recently seen what looked to be the Sony LT22i 'Nypon' a few days back, but now it seems the device shown was a different one altogether. In the previous picture, the mystery device is obviously running Android 4.0, and absent of physical softkeys.

Sony ‘Kumquat’ could launch as XPERIA U

We saw a picture of the Sony ST25i, codename "Kumquat", leak last Friday. Now sources suggest it will debut as the Sony XPERIA U, likely at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Earlier reported, this new XPERIA device will not be the top dog in their lineup, but more like a middle man. It will sport a 1GHz dual-core processor and have a smaller screen than their other newly announced devices, likely right around 3.5".

Philips Soundbar streams DLNA Android content to any TV

Philips is all in when it comes to Android support, and for that, we thank them. In addition to a wide range of Fidelio speaker docks and Android-specific headphones, they've recently unveiled the Soundbar CSS5123. But this isn't just your run-of-the-mill all in one speaker system: the Soundbar packs in a DLNA receiver and video-out functionality. This means that even if your HDTV or projector doesn't pack in Digital Living Network Alliance support, you can add it with a swanky speaker set.

Acer Iconia Tab A700 gets official, priced in Europe

2012's crop of high-end tablets is shaping up to be nothing short of mind-blowing, and Acer is keeping pace with its competitors thanks to the Iconia Tab A700. After teasing it at CES 2012, the tablet is now official after being unveiled in a press event in Hamburg. The Tegra 3-powered 1080p Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is the equal to just about anything we've seen thus far, but one thing concerns us is the price: how will Acer keep its reputation as a low-cost manufacturer while cramming in suck high-end parts? Apparently that concern is justified. According to German site Tablet Test, the A700 base model will have a price tag of €549, about $720 in United States dollars.

Rooting exemption to the DMCA set to expire, EFF fights for permanent solution

Did you know that your right to root your Android phone is actually protected by U.S. copyright law? It's true. In a 2010 revision to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the US Copyright Office granted an exemption that made modifying copyrighted software legal for the purposes of unlocking phones. This was mostly aimed at the iPhone (as Apple was trying to establish a legal precedent for suing its own customers at the time) but the exemption applies to any cell phone, including all Android phones sold in the United States. There's just one problem: the exemption wasn't permanent, and it's set to expire later this year.

Sony Crystal tablet could be headed to AT&T in February

It seems like everybody's getting into the 3G tablet game these days, especially on AT&T: Samsung, HTC, Acer and even Pantech have all released models within the last 6 months. But so far, Sony hasn't seemed all that interested in anything but WiFi for its Tablet S, at least in the United States - back home in Japan, 3G models of both the Tablet S and Tablet P are available.  According to a recently leaked roadmap, that may soon change, with a new Sony tablet code-named the Crystal.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD “Tower Offense” game lands on Android

While Tower Defense games are hugely successful and loads of fun I can't help but feel like we have entirely too many. What we have today though is the poplar "tower offense" game called Anomaly Warzone Earth HD from 11 bit studios. This game was extremely successful over on that iOS platform and now it's finally here where it belongs -- on Android.