Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket in white coming soon, press images revealed

Just in time for the holidays and white Christmas season Samsung appears to be suiting up a few of their Galaxy S II smartphones in white. Last week T-Mobile announced their Galaxy S II was coming soon in white, and quickly followed the announcement with a hands-on video. We haven't seen a formal announcement but according to Samsung the AT&T 4G LTE Galaxy S II Skyrocket will get the same treatment.

Google I/O now 3 days long, moved to June 27-29

It's time to get the calenders out and add Google I/O 2012's updated dates to the list. Google I/O has been an extremely hot event for Google for a few years now, not to mention they always give away a few awesome goodies for free. Last year it was the Galaxy Tab 10.1 among other things. Today Google's extended I/O 2012 from two days to now giving us 3 days of fun, but they've also pushed back the event a few months.

Motorola Xoom update “Project” coming, looking for testers

Motorola's feedback network has another software update "project" coming soon and this one is for the Motorola Xoom tablet. They were previously calling these early pre-release updates soak tests but it appears calling them a "project" now makes more sense. Could this be a small software bugfix? Or maybe even Android 4.0 ICS? Hopefully we'll know soon.

Motorola HD XT928 and MT917 announced for China – don’t call them RAZRs

We've seen a couple of RAZR look-alikes bound for the Chinese market before, but now they're both official. The extremely similar devices both feature a 720p display and 13 megapixel rear cameras, beating the DROID RAZR and the identical international version soundly. Otherwise they're essentially the same, including the 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

LG Nitro HD gets official on AT&T with a 720p IPS screen and LTE

Exciting news from AT&T, as they've officially announced the LG Nitro HD for the US carrier. The phone's outstanding feature is a 4.5-inch 720p display using an IPS LCD - a wicked combination of size, resolution and picture quality. Other highlights include a dual-core 1.5Ghz processor and access to AT&T's 4G LTE network. The Nitro HD will be available starting on December 4th for $249.99 on a new contract.

Tests show that task killer apps have little to no impact on battery life

Google doesn't like task killers, and they've been steadfastly saying so since the release of Froyo - which, not incidentally, broke functionality for many of them. There are still some hold-outs that claim they're useful for saving the ever-important battery on Android phones, but according to some in-depth research from PCWorld, that just isn't the case. After running the most popular example, Advanced Task Killer, through its paces, the conclusion was that the extra monitoring and other services had almost no effect on the phone's longevity.

HTC to “focus on the product” after shaky earnings forecast

Despite positive profits and some monster growth, especially in the US market, HTC is in hot water with their shareholders. The Taiwanese smartphone maker had to reduce its fourth quarter outlook from flat growth to negative last week, after a prospective patent purchase fell through when the company lost its suit against Apple. A beat-down from German courts over yet another patent case didn't help. CFO Winston Yung placated investors in an interview with Reuters, hyping up a focus on high-end products in the upcoming year.

Samsung releases S-Pen SDK for the Galaxy Note

If you're a developer who's excited about the app opportunities inherent in the Samsung Galaxy Note's included capacitive stylus, then break out the Mountain Dew and get ready for some long nights in the warm glow of your monitor. Samsung just posted the 1.0 release of the S-Pen SDK, allowing any developer with the skills and the fancy to create apps that take advantage of the software tools built into the Note. Between the stylus and a full Wacom digitizer it's become an object of desire for the budding smartphone artist.

NFC in the UK: Acer launches Liquid Express on T-Mobile & Orange

While Acer's Liquid line of Android smartphones hasn't exactly set the world on fire, the company is proceeding with its rollout with the latest model in the United Kingdom. The Acer Liquid Express (sounds like drain cleaner, doesn't it?) is launching now at T-Mobile and Orange locations across the country, distinguishing itself as one of the only low-end smartphones to offer near-field communication (NFC) technology for quick wireless retail payments.
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