AirDroid turns your phone into a LAN-enabled web operating system

There are a lot of ways to control and access your PC or Mac from your Android device, but the ability to go in the other direction has been sadly underrepresented... until now. Android Police made a great find in AirDroid, an app that hosts a local HTTP server on your phone that any web browser. It's sort of like Motorola's WebTop interface, without using new hardware. And the things you can do with it, not to mention the interface with which you do them, are amazing.

Twitter acquires Android security firm Whisper Systems

Here's an odd bit of M&A news. Wired reports that Twitter's latest acquisition is a tiny Middle Eastern company whose sole focus is enterprise-grade security for Android phones. Whisper Systems, made up of notable computer security guru Moxie Marlinspike and CTO Stuart Anderson, gained the public's interest when it developed a secure, encrypted calling service called RedPhone in the wake of the revolution in Egypt.

First Nvidia Tegra 3 game gets screenshots and video at Tegra Zone

Good news: Tegra 3-enabled games are starting to appear in Nvidia's Tegra Zone! Bad news: it's only a pinball-style game at the moment, and a demo at that. Worse news: there's actually no hardware on sale that can take advantage of it - the first Tegra 3 device, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime isn't due until December. But hey, look at that quad-core rendering action! "Glowball" will be available in the Android Market, and on some Tegra 3 devices it'll come pre-loaded.

Google’s latest ad shows off the Galaxy Nexus, Google+ and… beatboxing

OK, Google gets some points for innovative integration with this one. After a series of rather tame Google+ ads that ran over the holiday weekend, the company has busted out a new one featuring a group of friends who all have a Galaxy Nexus. (We suppose it's set in the future or something.) Demonstrating remarkable technical awareness, not to mention no small amount of rhythm and/or blues, they pass the time with a mobile beatbox session.

Samsung Galaxy Note LTE gets official in Korea

Lots of news in the Galaxy Note department today, though sadly none of it will be much comfort to users waiting for the superphone to appear in other markets. OLED-Display reports that Samsung has announced an LTE variant of its supersized flagship phone for its home country of South Korea, giving users a chance for 4G connectivity in addition to the device's other numerous charms. This comes just hours after the company released the first version of the SDK for the Galaxy Note's unique S-Pen.

Fake Rovio apps show up in the Android Market, already removed

Android Community readers are sophisticated, intelligent technology aficionados who would never be taken in by crude attempts at subterfuge. Even the ones who leave those less-than-intelligible responses in the comments section (you don't know who you are). That said, if you should happen to, you know, know anyone who might be likely to purchase Angry Birds in the next few weeks, make sure and be extra cautious. I mean, tell them to be extra cautious. According to TechCrunch, there are unscrupulous people selling fake Rovio apps in the Android Market and refusing to refund the purchase price.

Rumor: Verizon Galaxy Nexus pre-orders start tomorrow, release date Dec. 8th

You've heard the term "take this with a grain of salt." Well boys and girls, for this one I want you to take your metaphorical salt shaker, unscrew the cap and dump it all on the latest morsel from the rumor mill. According to Computer World's Richi Jennings, Verizon will begin taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus starting tomorrow, November 29th, with the phone itself set to be released December 8th, finally allowing US consumers a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. The information comes from that most reliable of sources... a Verizon customer service worker.

Motorola DROID Bionic now just $199 from Verizon

Is Verizon finally ready to make room for the Galaxy Nexus or are they just lowering prices for the holiday season? Today we can now confirm that Verizon and Motorola have lowered the price of the DROID Bionic from $299 down to only $199 -- with a new contract of course. After seeing initial reports from DL the pricing change has now made its way to the online shop at Verizon.

Google Catalogs now available for Android Tablets

Today Google has introduced Google Catalogs for Android. All of your favorite stores, brands, and catalogs all in one place neatly accessed right from your Android tablet. For some unknown reason it's been available on the iPad for a while, but is just finally landing for Android -- seems backwards if you ask me. Either way it's finally here and available in the Android Market.
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