BlackBerry Mobile Fusion manages corporate assets on Android

RIM is having a tough time right now. They're being squeezed from the top with iOS and from the bottom (well, bottom, top, sides and everywhere else) with Android. But the BlackBerry hardware is only part of RIM's overall business, and they're making a major effort to expand even more into the corporate services space. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will allow IT managers to access and control company assets on BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, essentially making the existing Enterprise Server cross-platform.

Siri’s Android competition is called Cluzee

If you are an Android user wanting to get some Siri-style action onto your Android device a new app has launched that will do just that called Cluzee. It's sort of like the alpha app called Iris we talked about a few days ago. The app allows you to speak normal phrases and it will then goes out and do what you tell it to. The app is described as an intelligent personal assistant. The app will respond to all sorts of spoken queries such as "what is my schedule like today."

Samsung Galaxy Sleek trademark app filed

Samsung has field for a new patent app that is grabbing for the name Samsung Galaxy Sleek. With the Galaxy Nexus set to launch in the next few weeks the Sleek may be the name of the follow up devices. The trademark app for the Sleek moniker is number 85480030 reports Fusible. The name will undoubtedly go with a new family of sleek and thin devices.

Galaxy Nexus volume bug fixed, shipping again in the UK

The first major technical problem to arise from the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich appears to have been solved. After reportedly halting sales of the high-profile phone, Samsung has applied a software patch to stop the muted or fluctuating volume issue that plagued the Galaxy Nexus in areas of low GSM signal. UK retailer Clove reports that their new units already have the update installed. Shipments have resumed, so UK Android fans can once again buy the phone at their leisure.

Lenovo gets official with LePad S2005 tablet phone and S2007/S2010 tablets

If you are a Lenovo fan that has been looking forward to some new gear, the company has gone official with new products today. There are three new items including the a 5-inch LePad/IdeaTab S2005 tablet/phone. Along with that tablet phone is also a pair of new tablets with a 7-inch offering and a 10.1-inch version. The tablets are called the LePad S2007 and the LePad S2010 and will hit China in December reports Engadget Chinese.

ARM Development Studio 5 toolkit launches to public

ARM has released an update to their development toolkit that claims an increase in Java performance by up to four times. Yes, this software is free and DS-5 CE (Community Edition) and some major enhancements from the previous version. The main difference is the including of ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer; this little tool helps developers keep an eye on how efficient their code is as it's executed, what more could a dev ask for?

Android Market gaming applications now available in Korea

Those of you in Korea can rejoice as many gaming applications previously unavailable in the Android Market can now be purchased. Considering Korea is the second largest consumer of Android applications worldwide, this will mean great growth in gaming developers' profits. This service has already gone live, so expect an average rise in purchases and downloads now.
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