Quixey App Search Receives $3.8 Million for Development

With hundreds and thousands of mobile applications available and more being added each day, don't you wish there was an easier way to search for apps? Recently the App search service Quixey signed a deal with investors for around $3.8 million to help with research, development and to help grow new partnerships. With Quixey users will be able to search for mobile, desktop, and web apps based on what the app actually does.

Madden NFL 2012 Now in the Android Market [Update]

It's time to get back to football. Going along with the console release of Madden 2012 EA has just released the Android and iOS app. Now available in the Android Market is Madden NFL 2012 and it's only $6.99 for those interested. While this may be a bit expensive you do get an extensive NFL game with tons of options and playability.

Klipsch unveils Image S4A Headphones for Android

A lot of the time when you are in the market for a set of headphones to use with your smartphone the inline remotes are designed to work with iOS devices only. Klipsch has unveiled it's first set of headphones made specifically for the Android users out there. The headphones are called the Image S4A Headphones for Android. The headphones have an inline remote and sell for $99.99.

Samsung GT-I9220 Super AMOLED smartphone actually exists

Back on the 24th of August, a picture was floating around that was at first thought to be the Samsung GT-I9220 smartphone packing its giant Super AMOLED screen. That photo later was proven to be the 5-inch Galaxy S media player. If you thought that meant the rumors of the GT-I9220 smartphone were all false, they were not.

Epson expands iPrint app to cover Android smartphones and tablets

Epson has been in the printer market for a very long time. Over the last few years, the company has been rolling out print services to allow the smartphone user to get documents off their mobile phones and onto the printer rather than having things stuck on the phone. To start with, Epson offered print services for iOS devices leaving Android out in the cold.
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