Web Based Android Market Now Shows Graph of App Install History

The Android Market has came a long long ways in just a short time, wouldn't you all agree? The web-based version is quite nice for those that don't use it often. Showing things like featured apps, feature tablet apps, top paid, top free and more. I like seeing the top new apps to discover things I've not seen yet. Today we have a little surprise and now we are seeing a visual graph next to the installed numbers.

T-Mobile G2x Launching Again? Should be in-stock soon and running Gingerbread

For those that have been following along with the entire T-Mobile G2x "situation" you probably have had your share of issues. First we heard it was pulled from the online store for quality control issues, later it was said this was due to demand and nothing was wrong but the device has been out of stock online and in T-Mobile stores since that first ran back at the end of May. It appears T-Mobile has the 2.3 Gingerbread update ready to go, and will be re-launching the phone in stores this week.

Samsung Galaxy R Pops Up in Video

Samsung's budget version of the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy R, is supposed to be getting official soon. A video showing off the Galaxy R and its Super LCD screen has found its way over to YouTube. The Galaxy R, also known as the Galaxy Z is meant to be a cheaper alternative to the sexier (if not a bit more cost inhibitive) Galaxy S II.

HTC Ruby Confirmed as Android Phone and Headed to T-Mobile

We recently saw an unknown device that obviously has the HTC design characteristics in the reflection of a HTC Flyer tablet. After a bit of digging around it appears that the phone is in fact a HTC handset called the HTC Ruby and it will be headed to T-Mobile with some Android on board. We didn't know what OS it would run but now all signs are pointing to Android after seeing the camera app on screen.

Samsung Flagship Keyboard Phone Going to AT&T

Well what do we have here? Well its not a Galaxy S II, so that's upsetting. It IS a render of a Samsung slider phone supposedly headed for AT&T sometime in the near future. Will this just be another mid-tier phone, or could it be a Galaxy S II variant (a la the Epic 4G)?

Tabletpalooza Week 3: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Giveaway Final Countdown!

Who's excited by a show of hands? Err a show of comments I should say. This is the final stretch and the last week of our amazing NVIDIA Tabletpalooza Giveaway. Sadly this is the last week of our NVIDIA giveaway and even though this is coming to and end we have plenty more freebies going on now, and coming in the future. This last week we are giving away the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to one lucky reader.