Motorola Xoom 4G LTE Upgrade Not Coming Until September

I guess we can't really say that the Xoom 4G LTE upgrade has been delayed because we never truly knew when it was coming. When it went on sale February 24th 2011 buyers were told the upgrade would come within the next 3 months. So according to that time frame I guess I could say the update has now been delayed.

HTC Providing T-Mobile Stores with MicroSD Cards for Phone OS Updates

T-Mobile has been busy this summer upgrading some of their popular phones to the latest and greatest in the mobile OS world and that is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This news is a bit different and comes as a surprise though. Apparently HTC is now providing T-Mobile retail stores with Micro SD cards pre-loaded with select handsets update so users can either do the upgrade at home OTA, or opt to head into the nearest T-Mobile store and let the employee's give it a shot.

Samsung Galaxy S II Slide from AT&T Photos Leaked

First thing yesterday we saw a render of what appeared to be an unknown Samsung Slider headed to AT&T. We were speculating here in the office if it would be a Galaxy S II variant or not but it appears that has now been confirmed for us. Today the real deal popped up for the camera and we have some clear pictures that look exactly like the previous leaked render.

HTC Puccini Tablet Press Shots Leaked

What an amazing way to start this bright Tuesday wouldn't you all say? Leaks of the upcoming HTC Puccini tablet should help get the week going. While we still don't have any official or leaked specs for the device at least we are getting a few press photos to look at while letting our minds wonder about the rest. Looking at the photos they might be press shots or really impressive mock ups, I'm still debating.

Wind River rolls out new Android device testing software

Wind River has a new Android software testing suite that it is talking about. The new test suite allows the testing of Android devices using automation scripts that are able to replicate the things that real world users would do on the device. The goal is to help makers of smartphones provide good user experiences.

Android return rate 30-40% on some handsets according to sources

I think that some of this is anecdotal, the more devices you ship the larger the number of returns due in part to sheer volume. With Android smartphones, shipping in larger volumes globally than the iPhone it would make more sense to some extent to see more returns on Android devices. TechCrunch reports that some sources are claiming that the return rate on some Android smartphones is many times that of the iPhone. TechCrunch pegs the return rate of the iPhone 4 at 1.7% counting the issues with the antenna. The return rate for some Android smartphones is pegged at as much as 30-40% according to sources familiar with the return rates for several manufacturers. The exact handsets or even the brands are not noted. I could see the return rate for some Android devices being quite high, especially some of the lower-end devices that people new to the platform might buy first and then find the device can’t do what they wanted it to do. I would like to know what devices have such a high return rate. [via TechCrunch]

Twilio Client lets devs add VoIP to any app

If you have ever used an app and wished it had VoIP integration built in, a new Twilio Client will let devs add that feature. The new client will allow the addition of VoIP to any application directly. The thing that makes the app so cool is that it allows the integration of VoIP functionality by devs without having to work out the VoIP infrastructure.

Onkyo unveils new home theater receiver remote control app for Android

Onkyo has a large line up of home theater and audio receivers that allow you to get movie theater sound in your home. The company has announced a new app for Android smartphone users that will allow you to control all the functions of your Onkyo home theater AV receiver right from your smartphone. The app also allows for some other really cool functionality using the Onkyo receiver.