HTC Trademarks Several New Names, Has the Need for Speed

Here come the leaks boys and girls. HTC has just filed for trademarks on five, count 'em FIVE, new phone names. This is the first we've heard of the Cheetah, Raider, Titan, Skyrocket, or Velo, so we don't have much to go by. With names like that though, I'd bet "fast" may be in HTC's marketing future.

DROID X2 Gingerbread Out Today

According to no less than Verizon Support themselves, as well as the post we made a couple days ago, the Motorola DROID X2 is today receiving the Gingerbread update, rolled out in stages to users across the country. This update will give you a whole SLEW of new features, fixes, and general bug hammering out, PLUS Android 2.3 Gingerbread, so go see if you've got it right this second! For those of you still on the fence for some reason or another, we've got the whole list of updates coming your way right here in this post.

Samsung Fascinate Software Update ED05 Available Now

The Fascinate is one of those devices you look at and you say - yes, that is Samsung, and yes, that is awesome. It's got a sweet version of TouchWiz, it's got the folks at CyanogenMod working on it, and it's just the right size for your pocket and hand without being explosively large like the Infuse 4G or the tiny feature phones all carriers still carry for one reason or another. There's magic in them loins, and if you've got Fascinate, you wanna keep it fresh. That's why you've GOT to get out there and get the latest software update i500.ED05, it's got updates you won't want to miss.

Roboto Game Review for Android [Side Scrolling Madness!]

Welcome to the new version of Mario! No wait, not Mario, Roboto! Once you play the game you'll see why I confused this game with the original Mario Brothers, it being a side-scrolling action game with no compare. The only other game I've played with this much awesome side-scrolling action is indeed the original Mario Brothers or Mario 3, and this one, Roboto, as developed by Fenix Fire and having no affiliation with Nintendo at all, has a blaster pistol all game long and awesome gravity-flip features to keep you on your toes! Dive in with me, won't you? Let's have a look.

Asus Eee Pad Slider Review Video Up, Straight Out of Italy

Showing the device sitting inside an official Eee Pad protective casing, sliding it out with ease, YouTube user Boux2003 shows off the brand new Asus Eee Pad Slider, the close relative of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, a device that we've had some extensive hands-on and review time with in the past and everyone knows to be one of the top tablets in the market. Our main main in England, mister Chris Davies also had some hands-on time with the Slider as it stood in January of 2011 as well. Now it appears that the device is closer than ever to release as a single review video has popped up.

UK HTC EVO 3D launch pushed back to September

UK sales of the HTC EVO 3D will not begin until September 2011, HTC has confirmed. The GSM model - announced back in late June - was originally expected to go on sale in Europe in July, offering a UMTS/HSPA version of the CDMA handset that launched in the US last month.     HTC UK revealed the delay to our sister site SlashGear. "We can confirm that the HTC EVO 3D will be available to UK customers through Carphone Warehouse from September 2011" a spokesperson said; the news comes shortly after UK carrier Vodafone revealed it no longer planned to range the EVO 3D due to concerns over device delays. No reason for the delay has been given, though we're presuming it has to do with the GSM radio in the EVO 3D since the CDMA version is already available now. The smartphone is HTC's first to use a glasses-free 3D display, with a twin 5-megapixel camera array on the back so that owners can shoot their own photos and video. [device id=146]  

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hits Verizon with LTE and official accessories

Verizon has announced something that I bet some folks out there have been waiting for. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 with LTE inside has now hit the wireless carrier. The Tab 10.1 has the same features we already know with the addition of the LTE modem inside. It has the 10.1-inch screen, a 1GHz dual-core processor, and supports Flash.
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