Samsung Galaxy R Officially Announced

It's time to get funky in the next Galaxy. We've got word directly from Samsung that this device, a device we've spoken about once with a few specifications without an official confirmation of its launch, then a lovely leaked intro video as played from the device itself. Now the full release is live! This device is the smaller brother of the Samsung Galaxy S II and it shows! Without a doubt inspired greatly by the original design (be it the Galaxy S II, the Infuse 4G, or perhaps even the Galaxy R itself,) Samsung has been thinking pretty hard about putting out a collection of devices that looks very similar but has better specs in certain places that make them all unique.

Google Music Beta gives each current user invites to share

Back in May, we talked about the Google Music Beta service that was set to launch. The launch of the cloud service was open to invitation only and if you didn't get an invitation, you may have been bummed. The good news is that if you know someone on the service already they will have invites they can hand out. You had better ask fast though since each of the users only gets a pair.

Motorola Photon 4G Review

The Motorola / NVIDIA tag team continues to bust down doors and open up the options for strange new journeys on Android devices - desktop mode, docks galore, and the kickstand that turns your diamond-shaped Photon 4G into the world's most excellent desk clock. We've got the actual handset here, plus the HD dock, plus the car dock, all of them the standard editions you'll be purchasing in the store very soon from Motorola. If there were a predecessor to this device, it's the first dual-core device from Motorola, that being the ATRIX 4G that came out earlier this year with very similar dock accessories and very similar functionality. While it may seem like one's first inclination to compare this device to the ATRIX, we're already on a whole new landscape with more dual-cores on the market than we know what to do with. The ATRIX still sells off the shelf, especially with it's new cheaper price [$99 at AT&T today] and upgrade to Gingerbread - will the Photon add up?

Powermat to launch wireless charging system along with myTouch 4G Slide for T-Mobile

When it comes to charging wires really suck. I think we can all agree that it's much more convenient after a long day to just flop your smartphone onto a charge plate and walk off than having to dig around for your cable and plug your phone it. Powermat has been offering systems for a long time now that allow you to put a new case or battery door in some instances on your smartphone and then charge your phone using a mat and no wires.

Samsung Galaxy S II White confirmed for September 1 UK debut

Samsung UK has confirmed the the white variant of the Galaxy S II will launch on September 1. First tipped by a UK retailer earlier this week, the Samsung Galaxy S II white will have the same hardware and software as the existing black model, but clad it all in a fresh, pale casing. Whether that's something which appeals to buyers remains to be seen, but with Samsung announcing that 5m GSII units have been sold worldwide in the smartphone's first 85 days of availability, differentiating yourself from the rest of the crowd is perhaps more of an issue. By the time the white model arrives, the Galaxy S II will at least have gone on sale in the US; that's expected to take place in August. Samsung says the GSII white will be available through the major UK networks, as well as via retailers as a SIM-free, unlocked device. No word on pricing at this stage, though we'd imagine it will come in at the same figure as the existing black version.

Dell Streak 10 Pro Android tablet launches in China

Dell has been spitting out some Android offerings for a while now and yesterday we spied a picture of one of its coming Streak 10 Android tablet. Today the tablet has gone official with a launch in China. The new tablet is called the Dell Streak 10 Pro, it is geared towards the pro looking for a tablet that will work for their home, and business lives.

Marvel Digital shows off new TBT-10C Mercury Pad Tablet

There is a big market for tablets running the Android OS that are cheap. Many people want a new tablet, but they want that tablet in a small and very low price device. The new Mercury Pad tablet from Marvel Digital certainly fills that bill. The new tablet sells for $259 and has decent hardware for the money. I think this would make a nice enough entry-level tablet for people looking to step into the Android or tablet world for the first time.

Toshiba Thrive update will cure sleepy tablet next week

Toshiba is readying a new firmware update for the Thrive tablet, that will address the sleep issues some owners have reported. According to the company, "a software update to resolve this issue will be available early next week and can be accessed from the Service Station utility app found on the Thrive at that time." No explanation for the cause of the issue has been given. Some users have found that their Thrive tablet refuses to resume from standby when the power button is pressed, and requires a reset in order to get it working once more; others have had to pull the battery completely in order to get the slate functional. The new firmware will also "enhance the multimedia playback capabilities of the device" though the exact nature of that change has not been specified. More on the Toshiba Thrive in the full Android Community review. [device id=567]
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