Amazon leaks Droid Bionic with dock listings

Yep, that there is the Droid Bionic that we have talked about and lusted after for a while now. Yesterday we talked about the photoshopped page that was floating around showing the Bionic, but these are pics of the real deal. They come our way thanks to someone at Amazon that added some docks to the product listings on the site.

Photile Live Wallpaper, Brings Photos To The Grid

Today I have another unique live wallpaper to share with everyone. I better stop featuring all the good ones or they might run out on me. Today I'll be showing you Photile Live Wallpaper. This amazing app like many other LWP's doesn't look that great from the images but once you install it you will see why I chose this. It's actually very cool and gives you plenty of options.

ASUS Transformer How-to and FAQ Video Round-Up

The teams have ASUS have been busy with the launch of devices like the ASUS EeePad Transformer tablet running on the greatest OS of all times -- Android! Recently for anyone that may follow them on Twitter (assuming you've not left for G+) you've probably seen the upwards of 10 or so videos they have posted recently all about the Transformer. Feel free to follow them at @ASUS, and us at @androids. Being the nice guy I am I've gathered them all right here just for your viewing pleasure.

HTC Kingdom Gets DLNA Certification as HTC Hero 4G

The HTC Hero was the first Android device bearing Sense to hit US shores. The HTC Kingdom has been a rumored device for awhile now, but we don't have much info about it. Today that has changed, as the Kingdom has received DLNA certification, as the successor to the Hero, the HTC Hero 4G.

Motorola Defy+ Could be Headed to AT&T

The Motorola Defy has been surviving falls and going for swims on T-Mobile's network for over half a year now. Now This is my next has picked up a rumor that Motorola's rugged little smartphone is getting an upgrade on its way to AT&T (or maybe Canadian carriers) as the Defy+. The Defy is not a top of the line device, and even with the bump it will still be mid-tier, but for those who need a tough phone that can survive a few bumps, the Defy+ will be a handsome looking choice.

Samsung Galaxy S II Finally Receives CyanogenMod

Who wants some Bacon! The Samsung Galaxy S II now has CyanogenMod 7. The first nightly has finally hit the download mirrors and is available now. Back in June Samsung sent a few lucky developers of CM the super phone Galaxy S II and basically invited them to hack it up and get CM7 running on it. The team did just that and as a result we all benefit.

T-Mobile LG G2x Gingerbread Update Available Now, Just Not OTA

Reports are starting to stream in this morning that the G2x update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread appears to been leaked by LG. We are still not completely sure if this is the official version that will be rolling out OTA (over the air) in the next few days or if this was simply an accident. Over on the LG support forums an announcement for Gingerbread was made saying the update was available via LG's proprietary Mobile Software Update Tool.