Gravity Home: A Live Wallpaper and Home Launcher in One

We all love the live wallpapers on our Android phones right? They allow us to do cool things like fly through space, play duck hunt, or even float through the clouds right on our phones home screen. Today I have something really unique and quite fun to show you. It's called Gravity Home and it is a live wallpaper and a home replacement launcher like ADW or LP but at the same time. Yup it replaces the home launcher with a live wallpaper and adds in some physics that makes your icons float around, neat huh?

Samsung Droid Charge Now Only $129 at Wirefly

Would you look at that price. It looks like Wirefly is at it again with those amazingly low prices and they are now offering the Samsung Droid Charge for the low price of $129 with a NEW 2-year contract (ignore that $669 value listed). Only problem is this is for new customers only and this great price will not be offered for those upgrading but only to new subscribers but its newsworthy that is for sure.

Amazon Deals: Free Droid 2 Multimedia Dock with Purchase of Car Dock

I don't know about you guys but from what I have seen Motorola makes some of the better car docks and multimedia docks for our Android phones. My brother loves his Droid X dock and uses it daily mounted nicely on the dash of his Xterra. If you have been trying to decide on if you want the car dock, or the multimedia dock now is your chance to get both. Amazon is offering the DROID2 multimedia station FREE with the purchase of the car dock.

LG Optimus White, LG Optimus Bright, LG Optimus Skittles

We're here at the doorway to the future of multiple color options for every single Android device on the market. Is this the newness we've been searching for? Is this what women want? How about the gay community? Also, where is my yellow and black Wu-Tang device? All of this will be answered soon, or LG appears to be saying. With their recent release of the LG Optimus Black came a device whose name indicated the literal color of the device's case. Now there's an LG Optimus White on the market in the UK, and an LG Optimus Bright out with NTT DoCoMo in Japan. These are all essentially the same device. What's with the color changes?

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo Review

While we've got our hearts firmly planted in the Xperia PLAY camp, what with its lovely selection of PLAY-specific applications we love so very much to review, its tough not to see the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo as simply the non-slider version of the legendary PlayStation phone. That said, the Neo does have its uniqueness, and it's certainly aimed at the mid-tier group looking for that top-tier excellence without quite hitting the Xperia ARC level of coolness. WIll the XPERIA Neo find its place in our hearts, or will we keep attempting to push out the bottom to play Tony Hawk? We shall see!

Android Market 15-Minute Refund Window is Unlawful in Taiwan, Google Pulls Paid Apps

I must say this news is some interesting news that is for sure. Apparently more than a few people are upset with Google and their 15-Minute refund policy window in the Android Market (us included). According to the Taipei Times, the Taipei City Government recently learned of Google’s Android Market return policies -- policies that violate Taiwanese consumer protection laws that require any product bought over the internet to have at least a 7-day "trial period." This being a law throughout Taiwan it is causing a few problems for mobile markets like the Android Market and the Apple App Store.

Archos G9 101 Tablet shown off on video, Has great viewing angles [video]

If you are all as excited as us about the Android Honeycomb tablets coming from Archos this video should make you drool. For those that remember the last tablets they released the viewing angles were terrible and probably the biggest con the devices had. I personally sold mine because the viewing angles just weren't up to par for day to day use. It looks like Archos went back to the drawing board and these new G9 tablets are looking better and better.

SuperTooth HD Review

While this device was certainly the coolest and most iconic looking non-phone device at this year's CTIA Pepcom in Orlando Florida, we had some rather large reservations about putting such an oddity in our vehicle when connecting a handset to our stereo via a headphone wire would do. Boy were we wrong. Not wrong about it replacing our in-car stereo, but wrong about the idea that this device is more than what it appears. Behold a gateway into the future, this is where in-car device relay is going, ladies and gentlemen, SuperTooth HD ho!

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Mentioned as 1.4GHz Upgrade for iPhone 5 Beatdown

Perhaps you've heard of the most massively powerful out of the box Android device on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S II? Have a peek at the CF-Bench result of the device as it rests in the hands of our good pal Vince, compare it with the dwarfed results of the rest of the devices back in our original CF-Bench post and you'll see. That said, we've received word that "sources living in Asia" are planning on releasing a new version of the device by the name of Samsung Galaxy II PLUS, this either before or AT the time the device is released here in the United States, all of this to compete directly with the oncoming iPhone 5 from Apple.