HTC Staying True on Their Word, Working Hard to Allow Bootloader Unlocks

I know HTC and the bootloader issue has been in the news off and on as of late, but it seems lately they have been answering more tweets and Facebook posts regarding the issue. Just this morning we noticed three responses all regarding bootloaders in a row on Twitter, and even a few on Facebook as well. At least HTC is actually updating the public and giving us hope that this change is coming soon.

[Deals] Wirefly Offering 20 Android Phones FREE, Including Droid X, EVO 4G, myTouch 4G

I know Wirefly has been known to offer a few good deals in the past and often lowering prices on top tier phones to beat out the competition but this is an entirely new level. Just yesterday they were selling the speedy Droid Charge for $129 but today they have kicked it up a notch and are offering 20 Android Smartphones for FREE. Yes 20 phone all for free, but there is a small catch.

TAG Heuer LINK Debuts as $6700 Android Handset

SO you've got your eye on that $600 Galaxy S II, yes? Think that costs a lot of money because you're getting it off-contract before anyone else in the United States, yes? Try this one on for size: Swiss watchmakers TAG Heuer have whipped up an Android device so exquisitely constructed that it'll set you back 4700€. That may SEEM like a lot of cash, sure, but what you get is a smartphone constructed of no less than 316L Stainless steel, Gold, Diamonds, Black PVD, Titanium, Rubber, Calfskin leather, Carbon leather, Alligator and Lizard skin.

HTC Status Coming Soon: ChaCha in Purple and Black!

Remember yesterday when we dropped a truth bomb on you with the post entitled LG Optimus Skittles? Well it turns out that the colors march on. Here comes a couple more colorways for your ever-loving HTC ChaCha, this time released on Canada's TELUS Mobility mobile carrier, some fabulous blacks, blues, purples and highlights in pink! How ever could you resist this little monster now? You can't. Don't resist.

Facebook for Android 1.6 adds video upload capability

Facebook has updated its app for Android users with a cool new feature. The latest version of the app is 1.6 and it will operate on Android devices running 1.5 and up. The biggest new feature of the update is that users can now upload video to their Facebook profile using version 1.6. The app also has several other updates that are included. The new updates include news feed improvements and limited support for pages.

HTC Taiwanese Recruitment Video Reveals Glimpse of Future Devices

It's always enjoyable to see new devices, especially when they've got a chance at running Android, and ESPECIALLY when they pop up out of nowhere when you least expect them. Today we happened upon some drawings being done over in Taiwan by the HTC crew rolling out a recruitment video attempting to grab some new minds for one of their ideation centers. This video comes straight from HTC, so we can't imagine that the images you see below are TOO secret, but they're fun to glimpse at nonetheless.

Hertz UK app for Android debuts

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure you know that most of the time if you are in a city for a long time you will need a rent car. Hertz is one of the largest car rental agencies in the country. The company has had an iPhone app for a long time and has now announced a new Android app that will help people that rent cars frequently get one when they need it. The app will run on any Android device with 1.5 and up.

Nook Color gets exclusive Angry Birds character in store and Magic Places enhanced play

The Nook Color Android-powered eReader didn’t start out to become an Android tablet. However, it didn’t take long for users of the Color to start hacking the device to get all sorts of features that Barnes & Noble didn’t expect. That led to B&N offering new official support for email and games like Angry Birds. Nook Color users are now able to get a new exclusive character in stores and get "Magic Places" enhanced game play as well.

AndyPad and AndyPad Pro get brief hands-on treatment

Paul over at got to spend a bit of time playing hands-on with the new AndyPad and AndyPad Pro. The standard AndyPad will land for £129 and the AndyPad Pro is pegged at £169. Both of those prices include shipping. We already know the hardware details on the Android tablets with each getting Rock Chip 1.2Ghz processors, 512MB of RAM, and mini HDMI outputs along with microUSB and 3.5mm headphone ports.

Andy Rubin tweets new Android stats

If you are a big fan of Android operating system for your smartphone or tablet, you probably know who Andy Rubin is. Rubin was the geek who developed Android and then sold the OS to Google back in 2005. Rubin was also involved in the company Danger. Rubin has posted up a tweet with some interesting stats on how many Android devices are activated each day and the information is very interesting.
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