Sharp Galapagos 7-inch Android Tablet Passes FCC

Hoo boy wouldn't you like to get your hands on a device named after a pile of islands? That's what Sharp is banking on, and if our brief history with the Galapagos name is any indication, we're in for a hit-or-miss ride. What this tablet COULD mean for us is a 7-inch tablet (though in the past we've also hear 5-inch and/or 10-inch, just to cover all the bases, and an Android with massively present user interface overlay. Big fat tablets from the East, what we desire!

T-Mobile Samsung Dart Hands-on and Physical Comparison to Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart

What we've got here is the third of three mid-range Samsung Android smartphones that've been revealed over the past couple of weeks, this one the smallest of the three and certainly the one with the least special features. We've had a hands-on look at the Samsung Gravity Smart and a hands-on look at the Samsung Exhibit 4G, both of which you'll find are a bump up from the Dart. Which one will be the true victor, you may be wondering? Here's a hint: it's not blue! The Samsung Dart is a 4.09 x 2.40 x 0.51 (104 x 61 x 13 mm) handset that weighs in at 3.80 oz, aka 108 grams. It's the tiniest little think you've ever seen in your life and a clear opponent of LG's line of Optimus devices such as the LG Optimus V and the LG Optimus U. But how does it add up? This is one tiny device, with a 3.14-inch screen, 240x320 pixel resolution, and a 1200 mAh, we expect to be playing around with it for over a day at a time, but with such a small resolution on the screen, we're hesitant to risk our eyesight. The build quality feels OK, but certainly not on par with higher-tier devices. There's a lot of plastic going on here, save for the display glass, and cheapness is one thing noone wants to feel in a device they'll be paying for a data plan on. This device is a prime example of where Samsung should certainly be stepping up production materials instead of stepping back, without a doubt presenting one of the lowest quality devices they've ever made containing Android. [vms 94774d6a496099eb1cf6] We'll be reviewing this device soon along with the other two Android Samsung devices we've got in the video above, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, what's your minimum specs for a device? Would you ever have purchased something with such tiny specs as the Dart? Also let us know what you'd like to know about this or any of the three Samsung devices we've got on hand here and now. Review time, that means request time! [gallery]

Google+ Invite Work-Around is a Go!

Google+ is pretty cool. I just got in last night thanks to a friend who invited me while they were still available. Unfortunately people were so excited to get in that Google was a bit overwhelmed while they're just in beta, and had to cut off the invitations. Turns out that theres a pretty sneaky work around that will let people get their friends in, including us. If you requested an invite from us, look for an email!

WiMax Goes Mid-Range with the Samsung Conquer 4G

Samsung has announced a very interesting phone recently that straddles the line between high and low end devices with a very curious mix of specs. The device mixes some of the standard features of today's superphones, 4G WiMax and a front facing camera specifically. Most of the other specs are very bland. Clearly as technology progresses so does our definition of high end.

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Over at Taco Bell

It seems they have moved on from the Taco Bell Chihuahua named Gidget that was used for years of advertisements for Taco Bell and now they are offering some mobile gadgets for everyone to get in on. Right now at participating Taco Bell stores you can win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (not the new 10") just by buying a large drink or any combo.

Cut The Rope Now in Android Market [Ad-Free] for $0.99

The extremely popular and top selling iOS game by Zepto Labs Cut the Rope has been available for Android the last week or so over at GetJar as they got the exclusive on it, sadly it comes with ads but then it is also free. If you haven't downloaded the amazingly simple yet fun game I suggest you do because it's as addicting as Angry Birds.

Motorola Droid Kernels v0.3 Released by Peter Alfonso

The OG Droid as some call it is in fact the original Motorola Droid that was hugely popular over on Verizon. I still see the Droid more than almost any other Android I think. If you have rooted or toyed with your Droid most likely you know the name Peter Alfonso, he is the man that has been keeping the Droid chugging along for a while. With stock rooted Android 2.3 builds as well as all the different kernels you could ever imagine.

Google+ Widget Included with Google+ App, Pretty Sweet

It's becoming quite clear that the folks who designed the user interface for Google+ are quite brilliant. One of those people was Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original designers of the first Mac, so I'd hope so. One of the lesser-realized elements in the mobile app portion of the Google+ is the widget, a rather simple and super lovely looking 1x4 widget that sits on your desktop and gives you direct access to a share screen, your camera, your gallery for sharing already taken photos, or straight up entry into the Google+ application.
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