FCC Roundup: Two Galaxy Tabs and a Reader

Lets have a look at what we've got rolling through the FCC today! Over the past couple days, actually. As you may know, devices popping up on their way through the FCC approval process often means that a device will soon be being released in one way or another to the public - be it in a special release, just for reviewing, or straight up available for sale. First we've got a report from yesterday on the Galaxy Tab 8.9 which more than likely will be showing up as a reviewer's unit before it's released (limited edition or otherwise.)

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Honeycomb Android Tablet Listing Appear

What's that, is it LePad? Sort of! It's the USA version of China's LePad, here called the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 carrying around Android 3.0 Honeycomb and a slew of other elements you might rack up as oddities. Right now it's appearing in a couple of online stores as "out of stock" or "sold out" and you know what that means - coming on quick. This device is slated to be released in June and will be for sale at Buy.com and Krex first if they've got anything to say about it.

Sony Ericsson Talking Bootloader Unlocking Too

SO we're talking about unlocking bootloaders lately, and it appears the Sony Ericsson is up for review next. Last night we were tipped off by HTC that they would, indeed be unlocking bootloaders on all future devices. What Sony Ericsson is doing at this very moment is discussing the bootloaders on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, specifically in regards to SEUS, aka the Sony Ericsson Update Service. There've been two notes coming out on this subject thus far: one that says unlocking the bootloader will stop you from getting official updates, the other that says that it'll be just fine.

Displays Breaking on Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Google I/O Limited Edition]

We've got an account here of a until-recently-proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google I/O Limited Edition Android tablet. An account that tells a story of one of the most evil errors a person holding a $500 device might hope never to have to experience - the fact that this device was free notwithstanding. This error is a physical error - it appears that the glass covering the front of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming loose. Luckily the person who we're speaking with here has gotten word back from the Samsung support line on what he should do to fix this situation.

SwiftKey X hits public beta today on Android Market

If you are looking for a better onscreen keyboard for your Android device, a new app has landed in the Android Market that you might want to check out. The app is a public beta, so don't expect it to run perfectly. It is called SwiftKey X and builds on the TouchType SwiftKey keyboard to offer cloud personalization and it has a new prediction engine. The app also has a bunch of UI improvements according to the developer.

Official Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessories all caught on video

We really like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet a lot around here and we have reviewed that limited edition version already and are looking forward to the retail version landing. Monday the official accessories turned up on a European website with prices and availability on some of them listed. There was a number of accessories including cases and lots more there for fans of the tablet to check out.

SoundHound creators offer new app called Hound

The developer behind the app SoundHound app that we wrote about last in December 2010 has announced a new app for Android users. The new app is called simply Hound and is a voice search app for music. Users of the full version of the SoundHound app on the Android Market have noted in the reviews for Hound that the full version of SoundHound already has voice search. This is apparently aimed at people that don’t want to spend the $4.99 on the full version, but want voice search.

Android users spurn paid apps say researchers

New stats seemingly confirm anecdotal evidence that Android users are less likely to download paid applications than their Apple-using counterparts. According to researchers Distimo, 80-percent of paid applications in the Android Market have been downloaded less than 100 times. In the competitive gaming segment, only five titles in the Android Market have been downloaded more than 250,000 worldwide. In contrast, ten iPhone games in the App Store were downloaded in excess of 250,000 times in the US in the past two months alone. It's a trend that's seemingly shared across app segments, too:
"It is more challenging for developers in the Google Android Market than in the Apple App Store to monetize using a one-off fee monetization model. We found that only two paid applications have been downloaded more than half a million times in the Google Android Market worldwide to date, while six paid applications in the Apple App Store for iPhone generate the same number of downloads within a two month timeframe in the United States alone." Distimo
Distimo suggests that Google's slow rate of change of the top ten charts - which incorporates long-term performance and as such varies at a slower pace than Apple's charts - is a significant cause of the download scarcity. That means there's less fresh meat for users to see and be tempted by. You can download the full Distimo report here [free registration required].

Asus Eee Pad Slider set to hit stores soon

One of the more interesting tablets to come from Asus in recent memory is the Eee Pad Slider that was unveiled months ago during CES. We have all been waiting to hear when the Slider would hit stores so we can purchase the thing and have our keyboard packing Android tablet love. The standout feature of the Slider and what gives the tablet its name is the slide out keyboard. The screen tilts up at a slight angle when the keyboard is exposed for more comfortable working.

Android devs hit by Lodsys in-app patent legal threats

The patent holder targeting iOS App Store developers over their use of in-app purchasing systems has apparently turned its attention to Android developers now, with at least one coder claiming to have received a legal threat over their software. Lodsys grabbed headlines after issuing independent App Store developers with demands for patent licensing over some of the technologies used in in-app purchasing systems, despite Apple having already licensed those patents. "We recently implemented in-app purchases for our Android application" Android developer markusn82 writes, "and several weeks later we received a letter from Lodsys, claiming that we infringed on their patents." So far we're yet to hear from any other developers similarly targeted. Apple has announced its intent to support iOS developers, arguing that it licenses the Lodsys patents under an agreement that allows it to offer the resulting technologies to its business partners and customers. The expectation is that Google will take a similar stance. [via MacRumors]
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