More HTC Doubleshot details surface

I really love it when details of unannounced handsets surface by way of geeks that pour through user agent profiles. These are long lists of text that unveiled a few little details here and there about what the smartphone will be like. We still don’t have an actual photo of the Doubleshot to go along with the new specs that have surfaced, but a bit of info is better than none. The last time we talked about the Doubleshot was back in early March when it was tipped to be heading to the T-Mobile network.

Qik Video Connect adds cross-platform Android & iPhone video calls [Video]

Qik has launched the latest version of its video calling app, Qik Video Connect, promising cross-platform calls between Android and iOS devices. The new app - a free download - now allows you to see your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 2 owning friends as you mock them for not having the latest Android. There's also video mail, the ability to share videos with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites, and support for the front and rear facing cameras on most devices. Qik has also boosted video quality and reduced battery life impact, and some phones - Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G - will offer VGA quality streaming when done over WiFi. You'll need an Android 2.1 or above device in order to use the app - or of course an iOS device. Video mail is only free until June 1 2011, however, and will be a subscription service after that. [youtube ERvpp0fMyYs]

PowerSkin Battery-Boosting Cases Now Available for an Array of Androids

Smartphones these days are getting more and more powerful, but sometimes that power does put a strain on battery life. PowerSkin has been providing a solution to this in the form of smartphone cases that offers shock-absorbing protection and doubles battery life while at it. Today they announced new PowerSkin cases for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Vibrant, and Samsung Galaxy i9000 and i3000.

DROID Incredible 2 Unboxing and Hands-On at SlashGear

Vincent Nguyen has just done an unboxing and hands-on of the DROID Incredible 2 over at SlashGear. We at Android Community have our own hands-on coming tomorrow, but in the meantime, here is a preview. The Incredible 2 seems slightly familiar, resembling the European HTC Incredible S. It features a 4-inch Super-LCD WVGA display, great battery life, and a distinctive industrial design. Read on to see more details, photos, and the hands-on video.

TouchWiz 4 ported to Samsung Galaxy S

The gang at XDA can't be stopped. This time, taking TouchWiz 4 and they've ported it to the Samsung Galaxy S. Now before you think, "oh cool, I've been wanting to do the whole rooting ROM thing," give it a second thought. The average user just cutting their teeth on custom ROMs may want to stay clear or at least wait on this one, it's not for the faint of heart.

DROID Charge unboxing and hands-on at SlashGear

Vincent Nguyen over at SlashGear has just posted a hands-on and unboxing of the DROID Charge. Yes, the DROID Charge with the 4.3-inch WVGA Super AMOLED Plus display. Vince let us know that he almost cried when he saw the display. Actually, his exact words were that he wanted to "weep like a little boy on Christmas morning," because the display was so amazing. Chris Burns will be posting his own hands-on of the Charge here on Android Community tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out Vincent's take. Also look for my hands-on of the Incredible S right here tomorrow. Keep reading for some quick details about the DROID Charge.

Free App at Amazon: Collapse

Today's free app of the day at the Amazon App Store for Android is Collapse. Originally released as a PC game by Real Networks, Collapse is an intense spin on block clearing games. The game also adds a role playing flavor to it. Users can play seven quick game modes including Classic, Relapse, Strategy, Puzzle, Panic Attack, Continuous, and Countdown. There's also a play quest mode.

Samsung Galaxy Ace gets Gingerbread update and Sam's Firmware have leaked a Gingerbread ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace. The update, which Samsung is developing is for theS5830. It was leaked to commemorate the one year anniversary of Sam's Android partnership with TSAR3000. But as always, these early beta leaks aren't perfect and users are advised they take their phones into their own hands when tasking it.

Nielsen – Users want more Android

According to a recent survey done by AC Nielsen, smartphone users are hungry for more Android. The survey found that users preferred the Bot over both iOS and RIM phones, representing a dramatic shift from a similar survey just ten months ago. The latest figures show that 31 percent of consumers plan to purchase a new Android Smartphone, while 30 percent are looking to get an iPhone. RIM was a distant third with just 11 percent saying they preferred the business oriented handset.

NFL Quarterback rushes to sack Android App

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is back in the news regarding dog fighting. Only it's not what you think. Vick, who did time in the big house for animal cruelty after running an illegal dog fighting ring, is leading the charge to have an Android app banned which Vick believes glorifies the activity. Game Developers for Kage Games disagree, claiming that the "Dog Wars" app educates users on the evils of animal cruelty and that proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations and the Japanese tsunami relief effort. They even hide behind the first amendment stating that freedom of expression protects them against what they call "prejudgment."
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