Tap Tap Revenge 4 hits Android Market

We briefly mentioned yesterday when we talked about in-app billing going live on Android that Tap Tap Revenge 4 would be featuring in-app billing. What we didn’t mention at the time was that Tap Tap Revenge 4 was hitting the Android Market as a free game the same day.

HTC offers official HTC Flyer video on YouTube

We have talked about the HTC Flyer tablet and even offered up our own hands on video and images of the thing in action. What we haven't seen so far is much in the way of official video and content from HTC about the tablet, but that has now changed. HTC has put the official Flyer tablet advert on YouTube.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001 with overclocked CPU in pipeline [Update: Confirmed!]

Samsung may have the Galaxy S II on the way to keep its flagship spot occupied, but according to the latest rumors there'll also be a replacement to the original single-core Galaxy S as well. Connected insider Eldar Murtazin has heard that Samsung is readying the Galaxy S i9001, an overclocked version of the original device. The Galaxy S i9001's single-core chip will apparently be running at 1.4GHz, rather than the 1GHz it originally offered. That, Murtazin suggests, will make the i9001 Samsung's rival to the HTC Pyramid, though we're expecting the HTC handset to be dual-core. Exact release dates are unknown, and of course none of this is official. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung milked the Galaxy S series' success a little longer, just as it has done with the recent 4G version. Update: Samsung Russia has confirmed the Galaxy S Plus i9001, with a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, TouchWiz 3.0, 8GB of internal memory, HD video recording, a 1.4GHz processor and HD video recording/playback. It will arrive in Russia at the end of April, priced at 23,990 rubles ($844). [Thanks Kunal!]

Google adds “non-fragmentation clauses” to Android OEM agreements to boost OS consistency

Google has reportedly been tightening its approach to Android modification by OEMs, inserting new "non-fragmentation clauses" into contracts and even attempting to delay devices which replace its own search with that of Bing. According to BusinessWeek's exec sources at LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Facebook and others, Google is now insisting that all modifications be signed off by Andy Rubin, with the threat of delayed access to future code hanging over their heads. The sources suggest that OS modifications, new UIs, or even partnerships with other companies are all coming under Google's microscope, especially if they concern search or navigation. Rubin claims the standard Android agreement with manufacturers has always contained such clauses, and John Lagerling, director of global Android partnerships at Google, says it's a matter of quality control and working toward a "common denominator"; however, the reports suggest the policies have recently been tightened. As a result, several companies have supposedly complained to the US Department of Justice. This week, Microsoft announced it will be requesting the European Union begin an antitrust investigation into Google over allegations it is acting in a way that unfairly prevents competition. More information on that here.

Sony Ericsson confirms XPERIA Play delays in UK

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has encountered shipping delays and may miss its April 1 UK release at some retailers and on some carriers, the company has confirmed. Sony Ericsson has blamed "a freight issue" for the delay, which prompted Vodafone to contact pre-order customers and warn them their handsets wouldn't be arriving tomorrow as promised. According to our sources, the delay is "days rather than weeks" but will still mean XPERIA Play availability is tight. Sony Ericsson says some retailers will indeed have stock tomorrow, but there's no word on which. O2 has already delayed its own launch of the handset, having identified firmware bugs, though we're told that's a completely separate issue from the shipping problem. Sony Ericsson Statement:
We can confirm that the Xperia™ PLAY handsets are still planned to launch in the UK for 1st April, as originally communicated. However, as of today, we have experienced a freight issue that may impact the number of Xperia™ PLAYs arriving at some retail outlets. This said, consumers can purchase Xperia™ PLAY as of April 1st at a number of stores across the UK.
Vodafone UK Statement:
Sony Ericsson has advised us that it will not be able to supply the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Arc devices to meet their original launch date of 1 April. Unfortunately, this means there will be a small delay before pre-order customers receive their orders and the device is made available for sale in our shops. We're working closely with Sony Ericsson to ensure our customers' phones are delivered as soon as possible and we will contact people directly with specific timescales when we know more. We appreciate this is disappointing and are doing our very best to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Dell plans Stage sync update for Streak, Streak 7 and PCs

Right now, Dell's Stage software is a vaguely useful UI and app suite for the company's Streak and Streak 7 Android tablets, along with Dell's notebooks and desktops. In the future, however, it will be a multi-platform synchronization tool, automatically transferring content between the smartphones and PCs. Talking to Android Community at a Streak 7 pre-briefing, Dell revealed that the Stage roadmap includes intelligent sync functionality which will automatically move new photos, videos and other content from your smartphone to your PC when you enter the home network. Remote access tools and streaming are also envisaged. Those without Dell computers won't be left out in the cold, however. Dell is planning to release a version of Stage for other PCs, though it will be functionally limited in comparison to the original. Still, enough to wirelessly sync. Unfortunately, Dell's Windows Phone range won't get included into the syncing fold, at least not initially. The company told us it was looking at the possibility, but right now Microsoft's limitations on OS modification mean it's not allowed.

Dell Streak 7 gets priced & dated for UK launch

Dell has confirmed UK pricing and availability for the Dell Streak 7, the 7-inch Tegra 2 based Android tablet currently only available on T-Mobile USA. The Streak 7 will be priced from £299 (including VAT and delivery) when it goes on sale via Dell's online store at the end of April 2011. Your money gets you an unlocked 3G radio, WiFi, a 1GHz dual-core processor and Android 2.2 Froyo with Dell's custom Stage UI software. Our main criticism of the Streak 7 is the display resolution; as Ben Bajarin found back when he reviewed the tablet in February, the WVGA panel falls short of the 1024 x 600 rivals like Samsung offer. However, the lower-res display does enable Dell to bring the Streak 7 in at under the £300 mark, around £100 less than a Galaxy Tab 3G is currently going for (or what you'd pay for a WiFi-only Galaxy Tab). [gallery]

Verizon 2011 Roadmap Leaks, Droid Charge, Xperia PLAY, Droid Incredible 2, Droid X 2, and Samsung Galaxy S II

Every once in a good while something lovely like this comes along and lets us know when basically everything in the world will be coming out. There's been a list of devices released that was more than likely sent out to Verizon stores with the intent being that they'd know in advance what to prep their employees for, spreading info sheets according to when each device will be released. What we've got here is a wave of Android, to be sure. Everything your robotic heart could possibly desire, coming soon!

Hot Games for Xperia PLAY Launch Rundown

We were reeling when we saw the big fat list of Xperia PLAY optimized games that CNET Asia had prepared a couple of days ago. We were so excited, in fact, that our initial browsing of said list yielded only one overwhelming notion: there aren't that many new things here. How heart-wrenching! Then we got wise. There are some gems in there, starting with the second in a series of Dungeon Defenders.

Cisco Cius 7-inch Android Tablet Appears in FCC

It's been MONTHS since we heard a single peep about this oncoming Android tablet, the last time being October of 2010, it then displaying itself a s webconferencing-centric slate that'll cost "under $1,000." Not very exciting! Cius insisted then that the tablet was not meant to go into competition with other tablets, instead positioning itself as a "first-of-its- kind mobile collaboration device.” Now it's much MUCH closer to being real having just shown up in the FCC.
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