Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 supports Android

The number of Trojans and malware aimed at the Android mobile platform is growing every day. The only way to be sure that your device is protected is to install some sort of security software on the device. Kaspersky has announced that its Mobile Security 9 platform is now available for the Android platform.

OGT Mobile teases new tablet gadget that might pack Android

If you like to check out products that aren't released yet and try to glen details for the images, we have a treat for you today. OGT Mobile has been teasing a new device on its main website for a while that is hidden away under a cloth. The company offers no details on the product other than "what you thought was the best, is about to get better…"

Galaxy S 4G Launch Also Brings Direct Billing for Samsung Media Hub

Oh you pink devil, you, T-Mobile, and your direct billing. Everyone knows that instant purchases are the building block of a great united states of credit cards, and because of that, hooray for the future! Holding hands with the availability launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Mobile will be announcing access to direct billing for Samsung's Media Hub TV and Movie content service, charging the money directly to your T-Mobile account. You'll be able to download your favorite movies and TV shows on your brand spanking new Galaxy S 4G and have the option to flip the bill directly onto your T-Mobile service bill.

Motorola XOOM Speaker Dock Review

Welcome to a review of one of the official holders of the newest addition to the Android universe, the Motorola XOOM tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This lovely tablet has been getting a lot of praise over these past few hours what with everyone under the sun getting themselves a review unit to peek at, but how about that speaker dock? Let's have a look at what might be the bulkiest dock we've ever seen that also seems to be exactly the right size.

Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb Review [All Questions Answered]

Welcome to the device that expands Android beyond the hand-written letters it's been in the past and turns it into a full-fledged book of a device. Optimized for its size, power, and intended set of purposes, this Motorola XOOM tablet has been fitted with Android mobile OS version 3.0 Honeycomb, that being the first version of the operating system made specifically for the tablet environment. What we're going to be doing in the following post is breaking this device and its installed operating system into questions and answers so that you the potential user and Android enthusiast can get a grip on the next generation of Google-powered devices.

Angry Birds Protested by Other Cartoon Pigs and Birds

Everyone from Daffy to Rocksteady have come together to bring you this public service announcement. This message is a very serious one, with every celebrity bird and pig speaking out against what they're calling the "Angry Birds War." This is a war where noone is safe, pig or bird, and where birds and pigs deaths number in at over 1 billion, "that number nearly doubling if you count every blue bird as four birds" (that's right!)

Samsung Galaxy S II Will Have MHL (Less Ports for More Beauty)

It's stuff like this, Samsung... This is probably the most brilliant innovation in the past few years - the combining of cords. One example is here in the Samsung Galaxy S II (or Samsung Galaxy S 2, however you want to write it,) where an MHL port has been introduced. This port functions as both a microUSB and an HDMI port in one. It's the size of a microUSB port, so if you're just going to use that, you're set. If you want to use HDMI for high-def playing of content from your device, you'll just need a microSD to HDMI cord to plug.

Sony Ericsson Zento Android Concept has Barely an Edge

We've recently become addicted to conceptual design in Android devices, and we've found that the fountain scarcely runs try. The following concept is known as the Sony Ericsson Zento, an Android smartphone by Frank Tobias. If this phone were to ever take fruition, it would be one bad mother. Oddly enough, this badness starts with Android 3.0 Honeycomb which, as you know is optimized for tablets, not smartphones. On the other hand, this device has a 4.4 in touchscreen, so perhaps the size qualifies.

Samsung Continuum-specific Reboot/Recovery Hack

It appears that the odd phone extraordinare, aka the Samsung Continuum, is finally starting to see some hack press. This is the phone yours truly has been using as a sort of mid-tier test-all device for the past couple months, so you know we're pumped up about this one. The following is a flashable app that turns your Continuum's power button into an options master, allowing you new options including Reboot and Recovery when its long-held down. Before all you could do was silence, airplane, or shut it down.