Motorola XOOM Ad [Laptop Cracker]

Behold the newest member of the Verizon / Motorola family's ad set, one we're calling "Laptop Cracker" because of the striking action taken by the man in the video 3 seconds in. He's got what appears to be a 13-inch nondescript notebook which once he opens, he cracks directly in half, pushing the top back to the underside of the base. Once the top is pulled up and underneath the base, the laptop is cracked in half once again, the man turning up and toward the camera, now showing it to be a brand new Motorola XOOM.

Motorola XOOM teardown reveals EVDO/HSPA+ World Modem

Motorola's XOOM tablet has suffered the screwless indignities of the teardown, with iFixit taking the 10.1-inch Honeycomb slate apart for the unblinking gaze of the camera. The freshly rooted tablet is unsurprisingly straightforward to open - considering that's something Motorola will be doing a lot of, while replacing the 3G modem with a 4G version later in the year - and reveals what iFixit describes as a blank "mini-PCI interconnect board" which seems to be a placeholder for the 4G modem. Interestingly, the XOOM uses the same Qualcomm MDM6600 3G radio as Verizon's iPhone 4, which as you may remember is potentially world-phone capable (the radio, that is, not the iPhone 4). That could imply that the HSPA+ capable chipset won't be changed out for the GSM versions of the XOOM, merely have its GSM capabilities unlocked through software/firmware. In the end, iFixit have glowing things to say about the XOOM's repairability, though they do warn that there are a lot of screws to get past in order to access all of the different components. For more on the performance of the XOOM, rather than the hardware inside, check out the Android Community XOOM and Honeycomb Review.

KDDI Samsung SMT-i9100 Android Tablet a lock-in for March 11

It's been a long time since we first saw Samsung's SMT-i9100 Android tablet for Japanese carrier KDDI, but the 7-inch slate is almost here. According to KDDI, as of March 11, 2011, buyers will be able to pick up the Galaxy Tab-esque Froyo slate. The specs are unchanged, so you still get a 2-megapixel camera on the back, a 1024 x 600 capacitive touchscreen, WiFi b/g/n, 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM. There's a bundled docking station in the box, and a full charge is expected to last around 6hrs. No internal 3G, though, with KDDI suggesting you use a mobile hotspot instead. Frankly, with new Honeycomb slates arriving imminently, this no longer seems that great a device (and it was hardly ground-breaking four months ago); pricing will be the deciding factor, but KDDI isn't saying exactly what that will be until closer to launch day. [via Impress]

Samsung Galaxy S II hits pre-order, ships in March

If you have a serious hankering for a new Samsung Android powered smartphone and have your eyes set on the Galaxy S II i9100 we have some new details on the smartphone today. reports that the smartphone will start shipping in March.

Android apps apparently caught running on BlackBerry smartphones

Signs that RIM may be testing BlackBerry devices capable of running Android applications have been spotted, with the eagle-eyed developers responsible for ShopSavvy finding mention of various BlackBerry handsets in their flurry logs. The BlackBerry 8300, 8600 and 8520 were all caught running ShopSavvy at different times in January and February this year. Talk of RIM experimenting with an Android-compatible virtual machine on smartphones and the incoming PlayBook tablet surfaced last month, amid suggestions that the company hoped to broaden its consumer appeal by tapping into the wealth of apps available for Android devices. Whether Google will allow BlackBerry devices to access the official Android Market remains to be seen, however. [via BGR]

Direct Installs for Android 2.3.3. Gingerbread for Nexus One and Nexus S discovered

Google's warning that the OTA Gingerbread update for the Nexus S and Nexus One might "take a few weeks" to reach all owners was a dash of unpleasantly cold water to the face; happily, xda-developers have dropped by with a hot towel. They've dug up the official links from Google for the Android 2.3.3 update, which means the impatient can now update their handsets without waiting for Google's schedule to notch along. Two different downloads are available, one for the Nexus One: ... and another for the Nexus S: If the links are too slow for you, there's information on mirrors at the original forum post. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

HTC ThunderBolt Best Buy Release Date [MARCH] [EXCLUSIVE]

You've heard essentially every single date from here to the end of February for a release date for the ThunderBolt, the pre-order for ThunderBolt, and everything else in between. For instance there was a February 28th date for release, a February 24th date for release, and even a March 10th date for release. All of these may very well be untrue given the seemingly undercover photo we've just been slipped. Here it appears that the official release date for the HTC ThunderBolt at Best Buy on Verizon is March 10th, 2011.

Motorola Xoom Rooted Already

Looks like the Motorola Xoom has already been rooted. It's been released for just one day and Koush as we all know him by has got a Xoom Root Guide already posted online. Since the Xoom is a Google Experience device he said it was a pretty easy device to root once he got the proper support for full fastboot. It ships with fastboot support but it is limited. While your here read about the Xoom Unlocked for Flashing also.
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